Hydrogen is getting better than BMW thinks  Auto55.be

Hydrogen is getting better than BMW thinks Auto55.be

EElectrification separates not only consumers, but also producers. There are two camps: those who fully believe in it and those who have doubts and – for a while – remain. Coincidentally or not, the ‘believers’ are mainly parties who think that electric cars are creating opportunities that the brand would otherwise not have. Thoughtful products can enter the market in this way.

BMW is still no stranger to EVs

BMW is still in the camp of cool lovers of electric driving. The company introduces cleaner electric cars, but the target is modest compared to other brands. By 2030, the company aims to distribute half of its models and plugs. But BMW thinks that hydrogen will soon become the most desirable form of propulsion.

Hydrogen as fuel

CEO Oliver Zipse informed the press that although hydrogen technology is behind the electric car, it will soon become more important than electric cars. Later this year, the brand wants to start production of the hydrogen-powered BMW X5.

In the petition, Zipse left room for the argument that cars should above all have the right fuel for use and that “no form of driving is so perfect that it can replace all others”. A nuance that political Europe does not pay much attention to.