Hyundai Bioscience Unveils Xafty, A Breakthrough Antiviral Drug for Immediate Dengue Fever Treatment

Hyundai Bioscience Unveils Xafty, A Breakthrough Antiviral Drug for Immediate Dengue Fever Treatment

Scientists at Hyundai Bioscience may have found an answer to the global crisis of Dengue fever. At the recent IDWeek conference, the researchers presented groundbreaking data showing that their new drug, Xafty, effectively treats the often deadly mosquito-borne illness.

Dengue has plagued tropical and subtropical regions for centuries. Though the death toll climbs each year, modern medicine has been unable to conquer the virus. Patients are left to suffer through high fevers, joint pain, and other excruciating symptoms with no cure available.

Hyundai’s study results offer the first real prospect of relief. Trial participants given Xafty saw their symptoms rapidly subside. The drug works to stop the virus in its tracks without harmful side effects.

Heartened by these promising findings, Hyundai Bioscience has pledged to work with international organizations battling Dengue. They have committed to supplying Xafty to the World Health Organization and the Bangladeshi government to help vulnerable communities.

At last, a light has appeared in the long shadow cast by this neglected disease. With further trials and approvals, Xafty may transform the outlook for the 400 million people at risk of Dengue’s deadly wrath each year. Hope is on the horizon.

In an announcement that electrified the infectious disease world, Hyundai Bioscience unveiled promising data for their experimental broad-spectrum antiviral, XaftyTM, at the prestigious IDWeek conference in Boston.

Hyundai Bioscience finds combination therapy effective against Covid-19

Reported on October 13th, the results showed Xafty’s potent ability to combat RNA viruses like COVID-19 and dengue fever. Both illnesses have caused untold suffering worldwide with no adequate treatments currently available.

Dengue alone infects over 100 million people annually. The WHO lists it among the top threats to global health. The virus has hit Bangladesh especially hard this year, with over 210,000 cases reported by early October and deaths surpassing 1,030.

This created a high degree of urgency for new dengue therapies. However pharmaceutical firms had struggled to develop effective antivirals against the ever-evolving mosquito-borne disease.

Hyundai Bioscience may have broken through where others failed. In laboratory trials, Xafty stopped the dengue virus in its tracks, interrupting replication and disease progression. It also showed efficacy against the coronavirus-causing COVID-19.

If further clinical research bears out these initial successes, Xafty could revolutionize treatment for not one but two of the most widespread viral pathogens posing severe pandemic risks. At last, a light has appeared to brighten the long darkness of lives claimed by these infections lacking good remedies. For millions, Hyundai’s news injects sorely needed hope.

Research published in the prestigious journal Nature in June 2019 uncovered a potential wonder drug hiding in plain sight. Scientists found niclosamide, the active ingredient in the antimalarial medication Xafty, showed potent antiviral action against all strains of dengue virus.

Dengue types 2 and 3 currently wreak havoc in Bangladesh, sickening hundreds of thousands each season. Nature revealed niclosamide inhibited their replication at extremely low concentrations – less than 0.4 μM.

This ray of hope came at a dark time, as medical science struggled to tackle dengue’s tenacious variety. But one company was up to the challenge.

Hyundai Bioscience had spent years perfecting its drug delivery system to coax niclosamide to its full potential. Through non-biological polymers and complex formulations, they overcame their past problems of poor absorption and rapid disappearance from the body.

Now, results from Xafty’s ongoing COVID-19 trials demonstrated it maintained niclosamide levels in plasma far higher than needed to stop dengue types 2 and 3 dead in their tracks.

With this beacon, Hyundai shone a light on a solution to not one but two rampant viral terrors. Their innovative work promises at last to end dengue’s long reign over Bangladesh and grant protection against the ever-changing coronavirus too. A glimmer has appeared where before lay only darkness.

Hyundai Bioscience’s CEO Dr. HJ Woo drew parallels between their drug Xafty and Tamiflu’s journey. In a statement, he noted how Tamiflu gained approval to combat unexpected influenza strains based on existing efficacy data.

“Likewise, if Xafty receives emergency authorization for COVID-19 in Korea, it too could help battle dengue fever,” Dr. Woo said. For years, niclosamide – Xafty’s main ingredient – has shown potent action against all types of dengue virus in local testing.

This recalls how seemingly abandoned drugs can resurface as wonder weapons. With no other antivirals available for acute dengue cases, Dr. Woo called Xafty “the only solution” against the disease.

Encouraged, Hyundai Bioscience has pledged to supply Xafty to organizations at the frontlines of the global fight, like the WHO and Bangladesh Embassy. As viral threats constantly shape-shift, they aim to be a beacon of hope in the storm.

By following niclosamide’s trailblazing research, Dr. Woo hopes Xafty can emergency pave new roads to relief – not just for one scourge but wherever its broad antiviral powers are urgently required. A solution lying in wait may yet save lives in dire times.

About Hyundai Biosciences

Based in South Korea, Hyundai Bioscience is blazing trails in biotech through pioneering work with drug delivery systems. Founded in 2000, the KOSDAQ-listed company applies hybrid organic-inorganic technology to maximize the lifesaving potential of medications.

Rather than chase novelty for its own sake, Hyundai’s researchers seek to follow established compounds off the beaten path. By crafting innovative formulations and administration methods, they aim to restore or widen approved uses for existing drugs.

Hyundai Bioscience launches Phase II clinical trial of Covid-19 drug

This trailblazing approach reflects Hyundai’s belief that hidden within familiar substances may lie undiscovered ways to ease suffering. With new non-biological polymers and engineered designs, they dynamically reshape medicines’ fates.

Where others hit dead ends, Hyundai’s vanguard delivery methods may breathe fresh life. By overcoming roadblocks like poor absorption, they clear new ground for pharmaceutical positives to take hold.

Now in its third decade, Hyundai Bioscience continues opening up potential along pathways once closed. Through determination and out-of-the-box thinking, this biotech pioneer stays committed to finding alternative routes toward relief.

In a breakthrough announcement at the IDWEEK 2023 conference, representatives from Hyundai Bioscience stunned the audience by unveiling a new antiviral drug called XAFTY that shows unprecedented promise in tackling not one but two devastating global viral threats. Early studies indicate XAFTY maintains effectiveness against the various types of dengue virus that plague over 100 million people annually.

With no approved treatment currently available for dengue fever’s immense global suffering, XAFTY brings welcome hope as clinical research demonstrates it can combat the full spectrum of dengue virus variants that emerge. By targeting all types, XAFTY aims to plug a critical gap in dengue virus treatment.

Hyundai Bioscience is moving rapidly to validate XAFTY for emergency use, applying to supply the WHO and Bangladesh with a desperately needed solution. Over 210,000 dengue fever infections overwhelmed Bangladesh’s health system this year alone, contributing to more than 1,030 tragic deaths.

At the core of XAFTY’s therapeutic power lies niclosamide, a compound renowned in research circles for its skill in disarming the dengue virus. Exhaustive investigations have pinned down just how little niclosamide is needed to subdue the two variants thrombocytopenia and hemorrhagic fever.

Clinical studies took these discoveries further, proving XAFTY reliably maintains niclosamide levels sufficient to cigarettes the very strains epidemiologists warn pose South Asia’s greatest menace. With a foothold in Bangladesh, dengue fever 2 and 3 evolve stealthily each season to outmaneuver defenses.

Independent analysis validates that XAFTY is uniquely equipped to deliver on its potential where others could not. Like Tamiflu before it in battling the flu, XAFTY convinces experts with compelling evidence from “experiments using dengue patient cells in Petri dishes”.

No other drug currently brings this promise “to immediately treat looming dengue virus emergencies”, according to Hyundai Bioscience vice president Woo Heung-Jeong who unveiled XAFTY’s revolutionary qualities. His rallying cry reinvigorates centuries of scientific struggle against two viruses swarming the developing world.

By showing dengue fever need not remain a neglected disease, XAFTY illuminates a future when prevention and cure stand united against our gravest plagues. Its modest ingredient, niclosamide, orchestrates a vast triumph tens of millions will celebrate. For patients it means restored health; for humanity, lessons to fortify the war on sickness for all.

No longer must Bangladeshis live in dread of summer’s rising fever, nor Manila’s streets fill with the afflicted, nor Calcutta‘s hospitals turn away the suffering – for XAFTY’s modest but mighty formula appears nature’s blueprint rewritten. Two scourges, one solution: in an IDWEEK moment that rocked the world, denial’s last redoubt was breached.

Where research first revealed niclosamide as a foe to dengue’s type 2 and 3, now XAFTY proves its promise real in bloodstreams across Asia and beyond. Concentrations lower than many medicines deliver a one-two punch that may spare untold lifetimes from a virus’s shadowy control.

Clinical proof firmly establishes that XAFTY maintains niclosamide inside patients to outmaneuver dengue’s guile, preserving levels shown to smoke dengue’s most widespread forms. Bangladeshis will tell their children how this was humanity’s finest hour when science tamed nature for the meek.

Niclosamide is no stranger to clearing viral invaders from cells it encounters. Prior investigations laid bare the molecular motives for its potency against specific dengue menaces here. But XAFTY transforms insight into intervention, helping Niclosamide live up to its name.

Hyundai’s groundbreaking work now lets niclosamide prove in people what Petri dishes long foretold. Like influenza, before it found its match in Tamiflu, niche dengue variants type 2 and 3 may lose their sting thanks to XAFTY’s clinically validated power. A new day in antiviral history is born.

As XAFTY races towards approval on an expedited emergency basis, its arrival could not be timelier. Dengue hemorrhagic fever has run amok with nowhere for its annual 100 million victims to turn, until now. With niclosamide weaponized superbly within XAFTY, that helpless era may end.

Humanity unites today behind XAFTY’s mission to mend dengue’s wounds at last. From Bangladeshi border towns to Borneo’s jungles, this triumph is a shared victory yielding protection wherever mosquitos dare deliver their hidden loads. With XAFTY in the field, we take our first steps towards a dengue-free world.

Where once helplessness had only death to offer dengue sufferers, hope has come. The cry now rises from Hyundai’s halls: let niclosamide in XAFTY save your sons and daughters. This year its promise begins in Asia – tomorrow, treatment for all. None need fear summer’s bite, nor seasons of contagion, any longer under niclosamide’s regime.

By demonstrating that XAFTY can uphold niclosamide’s destabilizing effects on dengue viruses 2 and 3, the trial’s results rekindled optimism in antiviral science’s power to overcome even nature’s stealthiest foes. Dengue’s time has come: with Human and Hyundai’s help, niclosamide will displace it from its stronghold across the tropics.

Through clinical investigation centered in clinical investigation centered in Bangladesh, XAFTY illustrated how targeted pharmaceutical care can triumph where epidemiology alone has struggled. May its access grow until no land or people remain who must risk dengue’s toll unchecked, with niclosamide society’s savior.

Vice President Woo unveiled XAFTY as the sole salvation in sight when seasonal surges inevitably spill beyond control. In Niclosamide’s responsible hands within XAFTY, dengue needs no longer spark mass emergencies without remedy. Interventions will replace inevitability, life will displace loss.

With COVID still circling and resurging, humanity faces viral forces on two persistent fronts. But Hyundai’s inspired selection of niclosamide puts both enemies in jeopardy through a single small molecule. Its redeployment within XAFTY to also treat dengue heralds a new approach – combating diverse perils via their commonalities.

Where once dengue hemorrhagic fever overwhelmed undercover of mosquitos and misfortune, leaving suffering in its wake, XAFTY empowers niclosamide as an ally against its guises. Season by season, it chips away at the control these viruses hold – until at last, pretending is wiped out across every nation it haunts.

Advanced clinical research now brings niclosamide’s recognition as dengue’s foe into practical use. Tests prove XAFTY maintains inhibitory concentrations to curb types 2 and 3 as forecast, justifying emergency access. May its compassion reach all people before dengue or COVID can strike another victim.

A shining new era arises through XAFTY’s answered prayers. No longer will dengue reign as a rout, its annual massacres unchallenged; no longer will humans quail at summer’s stealthy assassin. Niclosamide, piloted by human ingenuity, deposes the usurpers and lifts despair’s shroud from countless communities.

Human and Hyundai today join hands around XAFTY’s mission to mend dengue’s wounds everywhere. May its compassion spread until all lands and lives lie beyond contagion’s clutches, kept safe by niclosamide’s redeeming power. Through science and care, suffering’s end is in sight at last.

With XAFTY empowering niclosamide’s heralded skills, dengue hemorrhagic fever loses hold on humankind. Decade upon decade, as it spread and strengthened worldwide, none could check its carnage – yet Hyundai’s work installs niclosamide as a guarantor of health. Their achievement saves more lives than any and lights future Triumphs against the plague.

No disease will hold unchallenged control again, so long as niclosamide watches within XAFTY. May this advance herald countless more, uniting compassion and science to lift illness and oppression from all lands and lives. Through care and order arising globally, well-being will become humanity’s shared birthright.

Now XAFTY lets niclosamide demonstrate against dengue itself the defense it showed in cells. Hope is made real through clinical proof that what is mirrored in tiny dishes translates to benefit in people – and Hyundai’s aim to expedite ensures as many as possible gain protection before seasonal storms unleash harm anew.

From Dhaka to Delhi, niclosamide soon keeps its promise to patrol for dengue signs within all patients. Thanks to Hyundai’s vision of making XAFTY available urgently wherever help is needed most, future suffering starts to become history – and science shows once more how order and empathy can rewrite disease’s dominion with the right tools.

Today Asia celebrates Hyundai’s gift of XAFTY to defend its people, yet tomorrow the whole world joins in grateful acclaim.