Illkirch-Graffenstaden.  At the Elsass Rock & Jive festival, we get married like in Vegas!

Illkirch-Graffenstaden. At the Elsass Rock & Jive festival, we get married like in Vegas!

Lovers of rock’n’roll and the 1950s flock to Illkirch-Graffenstaden, where the Elsass Rock & Jive festival surpassed the 10,000-mark on Saturday morning. Among the guests of Coco Das Vegas and Pin-ups of Alsace, Rick Cavan, rock musician and master of ceremonies… Wedding.

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No, it’s not the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, but the white ivy-covered garden in the garden of the Illiad is a nice evocation of the little chapel where Paul Newman and Joann got married. Woodward, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Along with thousands of other couples, famous or not, but they are endowed with humor and enough love – and a little grain of madness – to pass a ring on their finger, at midnight, in a pink Cadillac or facing the same look of Elvis.

“Everything is at your fingertips: Elvis, the atmosphere and friends! »

Laurent, 41, is dressed in a crisp white shirt, trousers held up by suspenders and a neatly trimmed beard. Chantal, 42, looked radiant in her white mini dress and tulle jacket. Passionate about rock’n’roll, classic mechanics and America, this couple from Soultz-les-Bains dreams of a trip to Las Vegas. “Since we are powerless, we decided, in a secret way, to renew our vows here”, says the bride. “There is everything at your fingertips: Elvis, atmosphere and friends! And even the ball faces the concert stage: rock and boogie dancers, Chantal and Laurent are happy.

Elvis wedding is like Vegas! Photo DNA /Jean-Christophe DORN

Elvis wedding is like Vegas! Photo DNA /Jean-Christophe DORN

Elvis wedding is like Vegas! Photo DNA /Jean-Christophe DORN

Elvis wedding is like Vegas! Photo DNA /Jean-Christophe DORN

Their real wedding ceremony took place in 2006 and “there were 300 people at the aperitif! At the Elsass Rock & Jive festival, several friends witnessed this “friendly, warm and exciting” moment – the children did not want to come. They would hear Rick Cavan – flower necklace, white jumpsuit with rhinestones and sunglasses – welcoming the bride and groom to “I Can’t Help Loving You”, the last romantic song from Elvis Presley. says the singer to the guests.

Rick Cavan, who loves the music of the 1950s, has been performing the hits of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Ray Charles and… Elvis Presley for 26 years. “100 to 150 shows a year” – he is scheduled on the Elsass Rock & Jive festival stage. A few years ago, this artist from Douai had the idea to propose (illegal) marriages like in Las Vegas. In Illkirch-Graffenstaden, his schedule was quickly filled, he even had to turn down “several requests”. His motto? “If you don’t go to Las Vegas, Las Vegas will come to you!” »

“In the name of rock’n’roll and Elvis Presley, you can kiss him!”

He himself has never set foot there, or even anywhere else in America, the country of his idols. There were many opportunities, “but I’m too scared to fly,” he admits. To improve his show, he was inspired by the ceremonies recorded at A Little White Chapel, in Las Vegas, and published on YouTube. Each wedding is personal thanks to small anecdotes about the couple, to the words of the witnesses, to the declarations of the “married”. And, between the two parties, Rick Cavan trades in his hand-stitched dress for another dress he designed and assembled himself.


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He is in red to welcome the second couple of the afternoon: Johan and Audrey, from Bischheim, met “about two years ago” at the coffee machine at work. They got each other well: he plays rock, he sings in a group of seven billion enemies. “I feel the desire to spend the rest of my life with him,” says the former. “We didn’t expect much, it’s stronger than expected”, admits the second. “In the name of rock’n’roll and Elvis Presley, you can kiss him! launches the celebrant. Before the presentation of the certificate and frenzied “All Shook up”. Dress rehearsal before the “real” wedding? “Maybe, there is a little,” they say the couple, between two moving figures.

Sunday May 21. The festival takes place from 11 am to 6 pm at Illiade, allée François-Mitterrand in Illkirch-Graffenstaden. A free day. Pin parade, antique market, tattoo shop, barber shop, etc. Concerts: 12:30 pm, Elvis and Rick Cavan; at 3 am and 4:15 pm, Rockabilly Trends (old rockabilly). Catering on site.

Rosie Jo’s or 50’s glamour

Alsace pin-ups modeled! With flowers in their hair, petticoats, red lips and never-ending smiles, Rosie Jo parades through the aisles of the Elsass Rock & Jive festival. 13 models dress in the originality and style of clothing provided by the vintage shops present at the festival. Led by Fauva Lipstick, Ginie Gene and Rockanessie (nicknames, of course!) Rosie Jo’s party was formed last year in the spirit of ” body positive “. “All women are beautiful, regardless of their nature or nature,” emphasizes Fauva Lipstick. She herself did not hesitate to march with the help of her cane. The thinnest man in the group wears 34-36, the fattest one is 52. “Clothes of 1940s to 60s flatters all body types,” judge Ginie Gene.

The group’s name is inspired by Rosie the Riveter, who symbolizes the Americans who made the industry go around during World War II. “Soft femininity” and sisterhood are values ​​that Rosie Jo’s aim to put forward. They help each other in their daily lives and also intend to support causes that are important to them – such as the fight against multiple sclerosis, one of which is affected.