Infinity is one of the most popular jewelry motifs

Infinity is one of the most popular jewelry motifs

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The symbol for infinity is the figure eight on its side. There is no beginning and no end. It was taken from … mathematics. For the first time the symbolic representation of infinity was used in 1655 by the English mathematician John Wallis. Today, this figure goes far beyond actual science and is often taken as a metaphysical symbol. Some believe that this symbol is to help control their own destiny, others consider it as a permanent emotional commitment. Of course, everyone can give it an individual meaning.

Beautiful decoration and symbol of infinity

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endless jewelry

Stylish jewelry in the form of gold or silver chains and pendants won our hearts a few years ago. In this form, the subject of infinity often appears – as A stylish celebrity bracelet or necklace with one or more pendants. It is also often accompanied by a symbol associated with a good luck charm (which gives jewelry – especially given as a gift – a very special meaning) or a heart motif.

This type of jewelry is a subtle, but universal decoration, ideal for everyday wear. The infinity sign can also be seen Very fashionable double or triple necklace or a little indifferent bracelet on a decorative string. It also looks great on rings. Lovers of minimalist jewelry will especially appreciate it small sticks.

However, that doesn’t mean that the infinity theme doesn’t equate to great adventures! The jewelry offering also includes jewelry with the infinity symbol filled with precious stones or this symbol written in very attractive necklaces and bracelets. It looks good both in the company of cubic zirconias and diamonds, as well as colored glass or enamel.

What does the infinity sign in jewelry mean?

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Endless jewelry

The infinity symbol has a great meaning. It depends a lot on context, intention, personal experience.

  • The infinity motif in jewelry can be symbolic permanence of feeling (both love and friendship), trust and loyalty. Giving someone a bracelet or necklace with this symbol shows faith in the eternal nature of the relationship, it gives evidence of attachment.
  • The symbol of infinity is also associated with personal development. Others interpret it as a sign of overcoming limitations and opens up new, “endless” possibilities.

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