It is not an electric Pagani, but in the near future it may also …

It is not an electric Pagani, but in the near future it may also …

Christopher Pagani, the carmaker’s head of marketingsaid a Top Gear: “Our goal is to create something that should be light. If you look at Pagani, what you see is common to all the cars we produce, it has to be light.”

Heavy batteries and electric motors contribute significantly to the large mass of this type of vehicle. Pagans he claimed to have concluded his quest for the truth into high-performance electric cars and his son has now confirmed that the technology still doesn’t match the brand’s needs. Also, customers don’t like it.

To name just one example, the new Utopia uses an AMG-developed 6.0-liter V12, producing a whopping 852 horsepower and 811 Nm of torque. Ironically, Mercedes proposed a hybrid V8, but Pagani refused.

Could the house in San Cesario sul Panaro turn to the Group for its high-end electric architecture? “We have regular meetings with Mercedes-Benz and AMG, and we are evaluating it”Pagani said. “At the moment they are our official partners, so when we need them [di costruire] all electric car, we will make the final decision [allora].”

Pagani’s marketing manager then added that the company wants to be as independent as possible: “My father, and in general everyone who works at Pagani, we have this method that if we feel capable of doing something, we do it internally. But if not, we will not do it.”

Pagani is one of the few car manufacturers not exempted from the CO ban2 of the European Union. As long as produces less than 1,000 cars a year, it may continue to produce combustion cars beyond 2035.. Until then, the V12 engine is safe.