It reminds you of a Citroen C3, but it comes from China and you pay half the price: an opportunity not to be missed.

It reminds you of a Citroen C3, but it comes from China and you pay half the price: an opportunity not to be missed.

The Citroen C3 has a new rival in the market and from China they have created a very similar car at a ridiculous price.

The Stellantis group boasts a large number of excellent brands in its catalog and one of these is undoubtedly the French one. Citroën. There are several types that have been discussed over the years and among those that have achieved great success in the market there is no doubt C3.

It looks like a Citroen C3 but it’s Chinese (Canva –

We are talking about a model that is still an absolute legend in the rally world today, with the C3 Rally2 aiming for the World Championship. Stellantis has invested heavily in this matter, so much so that in the second division of the WRC two top class drivers have been signed as French Yohan Rossel and Russian Nikolay Gryazin.

Two of the best, with a transalpine who was able to send himself in the only race held in Monte Carlo. It will be a very intense World Championship, with the Skoda Fabia having very high-level strings in its bow and the Toyota Yaris and Hyundai i20 also not to be forgotten. but Citroën aim for the maximum.

The C3 so is one of the cars which is highly valued in every region and therefore it should not be surprising that there are various companies ready to replicate this car. In fact, an amazing car is now arriving from China that costs a lot less than the C3. The French car, however, is very popular: it is actually 400 cm long, 175 cm wide and 147 cm tall. The engine of the French brand is diesel or gasoline, the basic version has a 3-cylinder engine of 1200cc with a power of 83 horses, and a base price of 18,350 euros.

Tiggo 2 Pro: here is a rival to the Citroen C3

From Chinese there is no shortage of great information on the market, and Chery Group which has appeared more and more in recent years and now wants to collect more and more agreements with the project associated with Tiggo 2 Pro. This is a unique model, considering that it falls into the supermini category with a length of 420 cm, a width of 176 cm and a height of 157 cm.

Citroen C3 Tiggo 2 Pro costs the price of a new event
Tiggo 2 Pro (Chery Press Media –

The engine placed under the bonnet is a 3 cylinder 1,000 cc engine, and this engine can produce up to 102 horse power. Speed ​​control is carried out by a five-speed gearbox, and this model has the possibility of reaching a maximum peak of 185 km / h.

The Tiggo 2 Pro However, it has a higher consumption than the Citroen C3, in fact to be able to travel 100 km on the mixed section it needs a total of 7.6 liters. At the moment the model cannot be bought in Europe, but it is limited to the Chinese market and some Asian countries. The price, however, is really crazy, considering that it starts at 49,900 Yuan, which corresponds to more than 6,000 Euros. A market value that would drive European buyers crazy, hoping to get their hands on this one Tiggo 2 Pro at the moment, however, we do not know if they will be able to do it.