Japanese attack on the premium class

Japanese attack on the premium class

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From: Simon Mones

The Mazda CX-60 is the first Japanese plug-in hybrid on the European market. Above all, it is a respectable and first class attack.

Prediketo “Premium” is not something you just buy at a supermarket. The road to get there is long – and often inaccessible. Mazda is now also trying to enter the elite circuit. With the CX-60, the Japanese are expanding their SUV range upwards. And the new flagship comes very close to first class. It looks elegant, has lots of space and is Mazda’s first production model to be known as a plugging combination is available.

Who first time before Mazda The CX-60 may surprise you with its size. The SUV with a length of 4.75 meters and a height of 1.68 meters has an elegant appearance. Especially from the front it looks strong. This has known advantages and disadvantages. Inside, there is an airy feeling of space in all areas. The 570 liter trunk can also be expanded to 1726 liters (including the seating area). However, the 1.98 meter wide, 2.07-tonner is not made for small streets. Sometimes it can get tight. And with its turning circle of 11.7 meters, the colossus cannot be lit on a beer mat.

With the CX-60, Mazda is expanding its range upwards. ©Mazda

Mazda CX-60 on test: a hybrid SUV with high ambitions

Its strength lies in comfort, in transportation. The suspension gives the occupants bumps with ease, which generally does not suit the pleasant character of the five-door. On the highway, however, the Mazda CX-60 glides easily over the pavement. The elder brother of CX-5 (17 cm in length) sits firmly and securely on the road and is difficult to lean to one side, even when cornering.

All five seats are comfortable. And the ambience is elegant and sophisticated, especially in the higher-end Takumi equipment we tested. A successful combination of high quality materials and woven fabrics and stitching with traditional decor and real maple wood accents.

Mazda CX-60 on test: the SUV comes with facial recognition

Mazda’s cockpit looks neat, not overdone. The large 12.3-inch monitor is eye-catching. The eight-speed automatic transmission is engaged with a small square shifter. Behind it in the center console is a large rotary button that the on-board computer can be easily operated.

Mazda CX-60 interior.
In the interior of the CX-60, Mazda offers big frills. ©Mazda

Among the many technical features of the CX-60 is facial recognition, which adjusts the seat as reserved when the driver sits down – the standard of the two versions of the top equipment “Homura” and “Takumi”. Otherwise, the item in the package with other accessories costs 2900 euros. The back seat cannot be moved, but it can be divided into three parts (40/20/40).

Mazda CX-60 on test: Up to 65 kilometers on electricity alone

The overall performance of the “e-Skyactiv PHEV” system is an impressive 327 hp. The maximum torque is also generous at 500 Newton meters. A powerful SUV also needs this power. It’s time to drive Mazda CX-60 brisk and motored enough for every situation – although you don’t really feel the acceleration. He gives rather cooperated and smooth. Towing capacity is 2.5 tons.

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The 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine has 191 hp, sometimes it seems bad when accelerating and works together with a 129 kW electric motor. With pure electricity, Mazda says a maximum range of 65 km. That seems possible – in the summer and with a forward-looking driving style. In our test, we got a good 40 kilometers with one battery charge – at a cold outside temperature of five degrees and more driving on the highway. The top is limited to 200 km / h, the Japanese can drive 140 km / h only on electricity.

Mazda CX-60.
The Mazda CX-60 has an electric range of up to 65 km. ©Mazda

If the battery went empty, we came up with a gasoline consumption of 8.8 liters per 100 km. Positive: CX-60 PHEV can be charged in two phases, so that the charging power of 7.2 kW can also be found in the wall boxes 11 kW. It takes about 2:20 hours to charge the battery. The battery charging cables are located under the trunk floor.

Mazda CX-60 in the test: the basic version from 47,390 euros – with advanced equipment

Prices for the plug-in hybrid start at 47,390 euros. Because the standard equipment is very extensive and includes automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, LED lights, automatic climate control, cruise controlNavigation System and hands free system, the Mazda CX-60 should not be considered superior. Top equipment “Exclusive Line” costs from 50,850 euros and also includes 20-inch wheels, head-up display and heating of seats and steering wheel. Homura (from 54,750 euros) also offers leather upholstery, seat climate and various black accents.

The top version of the Takumi (from 56,250 euros) has, among other things, a refined interior. An excellent sound system and a panoramic glass sunroof can also be ordered as an option. In this variant, the price of the fully equipped CX-60 PHEV increases to less than 63,000 euros. This makes the large Mazda an attractive alternative to comparable premium SUVs from German manufacturers in terms of price. (Harald Joisten)