Jeep CEO: Better a small SUV than a big sedan

Jeep CEO: Better a small SUV than a big sedan

There are more and more voices from the automotive world that new cars should be smaller. Jeep loves it SUV-only-merk there is no such thing and it indicates the great advantage of SUVs.

When you drive by car, you quickly get the impression that the roads are dominated by SUVs. This hunch is confirmed by hard statistics: last year, more than half of the new cars sold in Europe were SUVs.

Not everyone is happy with that. His colleague Jaap previously wrote in the column: SUVs are bad and it would be a good thing if it disappeared. There are growing voices from the automotive world that new cars should be smaller.

In Paris: a small SUV or a large sedan

Jeep makes only SUVs and director Eric Laforge continues to follow his chosen course. He did this according to Motor vehicle open during the delivery of the new Jeep Avenger e-Hybrid. The CEO asked sarcastically: “Would it be better to have an Avenger e-Hybrid in the middle of Paris or a large E-segment sedan that is equally dangerous for the planet?”

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According to Laforge, many customers prefer SUVs because of safety: “People want to stay in a safe car with a high driving position. I don’t see why that should change. I think SUVs still have a good future because of the needs of customers.

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Jeep strategy

Laforge also remains supportive of Jeep’s plans to switch fully to an electric model range. According to the CEO, car brands that don’t want to put electricity in their lineup ‘have no chance to make a show’. He says the brand doesn’t care much about the turmoil in the automotive world about electric driving.

Yet Jeep also has to take into account the needs of the market. As a result, the brand also decided to give the Avenger a petrol engine. According to Laforge, Jeep is doing this to shorten the period until the next generation of electric vehicles.

Jeep also wants to focus on different regions where the Avenger is sold. Many countries are still not ready for fully electric cars due to the charging infrastructure: “As a brand you have to have a product that meets the needs of local customers,” concludes Laforge.