Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe – First Driving Test

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe – First Driving Test

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is sometimes called the ancestor of a luxury SUV. When the model began thirty years ago, that combination of talents was unique. It was a masterpiece of the American 4×4 brand, which resulted in more than seven million units and inspired many European brands. Volkswagen Pope Ferdinand Piëch reportedly even admitted that the Grand Cherokee was used as a model for the Volkswagen Touareg. But when the Germans eagerly completed the idea, the Jeep became even more turbulent. The V6 and V8 engines were unpopular on this side of the ocean, while the 3.0 CRDi borrowed from the VM Motori was not a real CO2 miracle. The model was disconnected from the Netherlands in late 2020, after sales decreased by a few copies each year.

Just like a plug-in

No wonder the Jeep started with a blank sheet of paper for the fifth Grand Cherokee. The approach led to the middle of last year in the American L edition of the Grand Cherokee, with three rows of seats but no intention of moving to Europe. Ditto for engines that were recommended at the time; The 3.6-liter Pentastar with a capacity of 293 horses and a 5.7-liter V8 with a capacity of 357 horsepower. Wrangler with 17.3 kWh battery pack. This puts the new Grand Cherokee 4xe on top of the European Jeep range, and that also explains the strength of the consistent system. The plug-in combination here produces 375 hp and 637 Nm, which are transmitted to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic ZF transmission. At low load, the front-wheel drive is designed to save fuel, while on the beach the combustion engine can go to ship mode. An E-Save function to save electronic freedom is also available, as is the full Power mode.

In addition to the few blue accents, you will not notice that this sidewalk has only four cylinders on board, powered by a belt-operated start-up generator and a 100 kW electric motor that sits on the automatic housing. infection. On electricity alone, a 2.4-ton outlet hybrid has a range of 40 km according to the US EPA standard. You cannot call the electrical performance of the components, but a torque torque of around 300 Nm is sufficient for non-polluting operation. If the Jeep manages to increase the power line in the WLTP circuit for Europe to more than 50 miles (such as the Wrangler 4xe), Americans still could not prove it. It is certain that there will be concerns, especially in the market where the 50 or 50 g limit is still used as the basis for a good tariff system.

All in all, the fifth generation is certainly a leap forward. For starters, the exterior design is completely new and is also available in two versions: with wheels up to 21 inches aimed at street use or as a Trailhawk to further emphasize 4×4 skills. A different black roof is available in all versions, the matt black hat covers are unique to the Trailhawk version.

Off-road profile

The latter is the only one that is ‘Trail-Rated’ and replaces its low-profile tires with an 18-inch Goodyear Wranglers set with a sharp off-road profile and a high tire wall. On models with air suspension, you can lift the body by 7.5 cm with a ground clearance of 28.7 cm. Separating the anti-roll bar for additional wheel pronunciation is also an option. It goes without saying that the paths and angles of departure of this generation are a few better degrees, such as the depth of wading, which is now 61 cm. And yes, that applies to the 4xe version similar to standard variants, all of which have a transfer box with off-road gear. The trailhawk also adds separate electronic control locks to the rear axle to distribute torque not only between the front and rear axles, but also between the left and right rear wheels.

All of these result in more 4×4 features than you might think, as well as 110 security systems that reduce the driver’s role in steering, acceleration and braking. Honestly, the latter is no longer necessary, as the Grand Cherokee with Selec Speed ​​Control has a type of road travel control that puts constant speed on off-road gears. Automatically also continues with so much emphasis in the 4×4 world that you feel invincible, if there are spectators around the car to protect you from damage. If you accidentally hit the bottom, steel plates with a thickness of 3.5 mm ensure that nothing happens to the battery or electrical connection. In addition, all electrical components are hermetically sealed to avoid all types of water damage.

Tramp work

When asked if the Grand Cherokee cruises are as convincing as it rides, we should give a nuanced answer. Despite absorbing the half-work shock, the suspension has a hard time with all that weight with these big sport wheels, while the steering near the automatic position becomes slightly more angular. With that we immediately hit the sensitive 4xe nerve, i.e. the relative lack of improvement in handling. Although the Grand Cherokee has a self-contained chassis and modern suspension, combining good off-road performance with better handling remains a major challenge. The luxury version of Summit makes concessions for both counts, but most of all, it drops its stitches and wooden stand-ups with no improvement and an electric car that is too weak for 136 hp to provide smooth performance alone. Fortunately, Alfa Romeo Giulia’s 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine is ready to help at all times, even if a blockage is heard in this program despite (or perhaps because?) The noise cancellation through the speaker.

Transportation is not ideal for the Trailhawk version, but the more conventional 18-wheel drive and high-tire wheel simplify this excellent version on the road. Humidity is stable, operation is smooth and overall balance is much better. Unfortunately, that does not remove the sharp edges of the train, which sometimes responds to wood by command through the pedal. Because of the increased power of the starting generator at the time of departure and the punch of the electric motor immediately later, it is also difficult to play the acceleration pedal. Ditto in the opposite direction, where the impact of the electric motor brake is difficult to measure along with the actual braking force. It is a challenge that all manufacturers face in 2022.

Most important to European customers are the interiors that completely break the old tradition of the Grand Cherokee. Mail cabin room, head-up display, floating information system and even separate screens for passengers: all are possible now. There is plenty of space behind the three adults, who can watch their own screens or just enjoy the stars due to the large roof panel. It all looks quite delicious, but at the same time the materials used also testify to a different pricing policy. In the United States, the Grand Cherokee 4xe ‘2-Row’ will cost around € 52,500, which makes it easier to ignore the hard plastic inside and the limitations mentioned above. In Europe, where the model can cost 50 percent more, that is a completely different story. The ‘Unique Launch Edition’ will even cost € 97,900 in the Netherlands. So you have to be very committed to the brand and the accompanying offline brands in order to get the most out of the Grand Cherokee 4xe, because there is no shortage of the best competitors in Europe.