JLOC wants to return to Le Mans 24 Hours with Lamborghini: “Thanks for our long-term partnership …”

JLOC wants to return to Le Mans 24 Hours with Lamborghini: “Thanks for our long-term partnership …”

JLOC (Japanese Lamborghini Owners Club) he was present four times on 24 Hours for Le Mans† The Japanese team aims to return to the Circuit de la Sarthe by 2024 for a popular endurance game. That is the year in which the GT3 rules come into effect and replace GTE cars.

The Japanese team has been competing in the Super GT GT300 class with GT3 cars for a long time and currently operates two Lamborghini Huracans vehicles in this championship. The team was a little successful in Le Mans. All races with the Murcielago R-GT built by Reiter Engineering ended in a draw. Currently Lamborghini has announced its plans to participate in the FIA ​​and LMDh World Tolerance Tournament based on Ligier’s chase, JLOC wants to come to Le Mans with Huracan GT3. The Italian car has now proved its success with victory in its class at 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring.

“We will continue to discuss Le Mans until now,” JLOC team director Isao Noritake told Motorsport. “We are waiting for the GT3 cars to be approved in 2024. By then we will have Evo 2 and we want to take Le Mans challenge again in 2024. We want to get back there. I think we can do a better job now and we have a car to do that.

With the entry of GT3 cars into the WEC and Le Mans in 2024, it looks like many teams will want to sign up. The FIA ​​and ACO do not want factory teams, which increases the chances of victory for the individual. That’s why Noritake says he might want to do a full WEC program. “If possible, we can do a full WEC,” the Japanese said. The Lamborghini probably has two cars. ” Huracan’s second Evo was launched earlier this year and will be shown for the first time on Daytona on January 24. According to Noritake, the Japanese team also wants to drive at IMSA, but the priority is WEC. “They want us to compete in Daytona because America is a market important and they have a lot of budgets, “the team director said.” Although, our main goal is the WEC. Evo 2 is expected to make its first Daytona show next year. We hope to have at least one car by 2023 and based on car availability, we also want to send a second one. “