Lamborghini Temerario, what if it is the name of the bull that will replace the Huracan?

Lamborghini Temerario, what if it is the name of the bull that will replace the Huracan?

A few days ago, we discovered the new Lamborghini logo for years, decades to come. Nothing revolutionary, changing colors, simple design and … that’s about it. And if the Sant’Agata Bolognese company didn’t specify which model would be the first to show it at the end of the hood, we can bet on the next Urus hybrid. Unless it’s a Lamborghini… Temerario?

What do you mean this name means nothing to you? No, it’s normal, there is no Lamborghini Temerario on the market yet. Nor in the plans, at least officially, of the Italian brand. However, this name can be found on one of the following products of the manufacturer.

By car or by the hour?

Names in Lamborghini usually evoke bulls© Lamborghini

Indeed, the name Temerario appeared on the website of the European patent filing, where it was submitted before April 2, 2024. Furthermore, by going to it, we can discover the writing of the logo, with the usual font of Lamborghini, and two. angle on either side, on the first and last letter of the name.

However, going into the patent filing, there remains some doubt as to whether this is the name of the future car model. Already because after a quick search, we didn’t find any sign of the cow named Temerario. That said, not all Lamborghinis are named after the famous fighting bull.. Could this be the “Temerario” of Begona, the famous bullfighter of today

But doubt remains mainly due to the fact that the name is registered for different types of things, different from electronic devices, watches, clothes, toys … Oh and yes, cars too! However we are leaning towards the last solution, and we can imagine that other categories are reserved for products that come out.

An expected example

Are we talking about the new Huracan?
Are we talking about the new Huracan?©

If we depend on the recent confirmation of the upcoming models from Lamborghini, then we can turn to a certain model that can carry this name: the future replacement of the Huracan. And we already know a few things about it, like the fact that the naturally aspirated V10 (5.2 displacement) will give way to a V8. Twin-turbo. Which will also be electrified. If Lamborghini is brave enough to move from a V10 to a V8 hybrid, maybe then the name Temerario isn’t a bad idea?