Lance Stroll still has no faith

Lance Stroll still has no faith

( – Lance Stroll says a lack of confidence in the Aston Martin AMR22 is hampering its performance this season. The Canadian midfielder is generally covered by teammate Sebastian Vettel in the 2022 season, especially in qualifying.

In her home race in Canada, Lance Stroll finished tenth



Despite missing the first two races thanks to COVID-19, the German managed to make it to the third round of qualifying more often, just passing behind Stroll in Miami.

In the race, Stroll finished third in Imola, Miami and at home in Montreal, with Vettel already in sixth, eighth and tenth place to emerge with a 13: 3 point victory.

Stroll: “I’d like to feel better”

Team Chief Mike Krack noted earlier in the season that both operators suffered from AMR22 unpredictability, a feature that the recently released update package aimed to resolve.

However, Stroll says he still suffers from a lack of confidence in the car: “We always learn, but I think I just want to be more comfortable with the car,” he says.

“I still feel like I’m not completely confident in the car, so I don’t feel right and can be predictable in the car. I think I have to keep working to get back to where I was years before the car just became more predictable and comfortable.”

“And right now it’s still difficult for me. I have to keep working with my engineers to try to solve that,” explains Stroll.

Stroll does not believe in quick fixes

When asked if it is an issue that can be resolved by changing the layout, he says it is the biggest problem: “I think it is the features of the car. It is very complicated, maybe configuration as well. I do not drive. Someone else’s car so I do not know.”

“We have to keep working and understanding because it is harder this year than in previous years to find a good place and rhythm with all that stuff.” Regarding the impact of future updates, he says: “Downforce and other things are coming, which all help.”