2024 LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach Rumored

2024 LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach Rumored

First rumors about a new LEGO Icons 10337 car for 2024 have surfaced! Releasing on July 1st, we’ll be getting a big display model of the Lamborghini Countach!

The LEGO community was abuzz last week with rumors that a massive new addition was coming to the popular LEGO Icons car theme. According to sources close to the LEGO Group, a new set displaying one of the most iconic supercars of all time was in the works.

While details were scarce, many fans hypothesized it would feature one of the legendary Lamborghinis from the 1980s that helped define the supercar era. Their sleek shapes and roaring V12 engines captured the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Within days, the rumors were confirmed – we’ll be getting a 1:8 scale model of the legendary Lamborghini Countach!

Built from over 1,500 pieces, this LEGO Countach will be one of the largest single cars ever released as part of the Icons theme. Standing over 13 inches high, 27 inches long, and 7 inches wide, it will provide an incredible level of detail. Fans will be able to recreate the iconic wedge shape and aggressive stance that made the Countach an icon when it first appeared over 40 years ago.

2024 LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach Rumored

Scheduled for release on July 1st, 2024, this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most anticipated LEGO car releases of the year. Priced at $179.99, it will give enthusiasts of both Lamborghinis and LEGO an unrivaled build and display experience. More details about features and the build process are still under wraps, but this is sure to be a landmark set for all fans of Italian supercars and innovative LEGO designs.

While further details about the build of the car have yet to be revealed, it’s said to come in the classic white color.

While full details and instructions won’t be publicly available for some months, sources indicate the LEGO Lamborghini Countach will be depicted in its classic solid white exterior paint scheme. This clean monotone look has become synonymous with the model over its production run from 1974 to 1990.

The white body will provide the perfect canvas to showcase the detailed LEGO recreation of the Countach’s defining wedge silhouette and aggressive flared fenders. Every intricate curve and sculpted line of the original will be faithfully brought to life piece by piece. Special translucent elements are also said to be used to construct the rear engine cover and distinctive round taillights.

Beyond the shell, rumors point to a very detailed interior capturing authentic Countach cockpit cues. Full seats, steering wheel, pedals, and gearshift will provide an immersive driver experience. The famous scissor doors are also expected to faithfully replicate the elegantly complex hinging and glass mechanics of the real thing. An integrated 12V rechargeable battery and motors may provide Sound functions to enhance the build further.

While nothing is confirmed, excited fans can’t wait to see how the LEGO Group will capture the essence of this automotive icon in plastic brick form. The challenge of translating its organic forms and technical details to the LEGO medium has many predicting this could become the new bar for ambitious car sets to reach.

The set will consist of 1506 pieces in total, coming with a price tag of $179.99.

Details emerging from trusted LEGO sources indicate the upcoming Lamborghini Countach set will contain a massive 1506 individual pieces. This immense part count reflects the ambitious scale and intricate detail planned for the model.

At a 1:8 scale measuring over 27 inches long, with an intricate V12 engine and fully adjustable suspension, faithfully recreating the Countach in LEGO form would never be a simple task. Something of this size and complexity demands an unparalleled piece count to achieve the desired effect.

For context, the 1506 pieces surpasses even the largest official LEGO car sets released to date. The Bugatti Chiron model launched in 2017 contained an impressive 1268 pieces. Feature even more components reflect the exceptional size and complexity the Countach set aims to achieve.

The $179.99 price point positions it towards the top end of typical LEGO set pricing, though still reasonable given the scale. Comparable large Technic sets typically sell in this $150-200 range. For many fans and collectors, the unique opportunity to own a miniaturized Countach will be worth the investment.

With more pieces than any previous LEGO car to date, and skillfully engineered to capture every iconic detail, this set promises to provide builders with a uniquely challenging and rewarding advanced construction experience. When complete, the display model will be a true showpiece for any Lamborghini or LEGO enthusiast.

Set number: 10337

Name: Lamborghini Countach

Release: July 1st

Price: $179.99

Pieces: 1506


Draw 5 Tables

Color Length (in) Width (in)
White 27 7
Black N/A N/A
Grey N/A N/A
Red N/A N/A
Blue N/A N/A


Features of the LEGO Lamborghini Countach set:

  • 1:8 scale model measuring over 27 inches long
  • Over 1506 pieces
  • Iconic white exterior with detailed curves and flared fenders
  • Full interior with seats, steering wheel, and gearshift
  • Scissor doors that function as on the original
  • V12 engine with movable parts
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Integrated power functions with battery and motors
  • Display plaque with information

Questions fans want answered:

  1. What level of technical detail will the engine include?
  2. How accurately will the hinging door mechanisms work?
  3. Will the wheels rotate smoothly like in big Technic sets?
  4. How many building steps will be required to complete it?
  5. Can the whole model be taken apart for storage or transportation?


Q: When will the instructions and piece inventory be unveiled?

A: Official instructions and pieces list for the 10337 Lamborghini Countach set will likely be published around April/May 2024, 3 months before the July 1st release date. This follows standard LEGO marketing timelines.

Q: How long will this set be available for purchase?

A: As a major Summer 2024 release, the Countach can be expected to remain in production globally for 12-18 months on average. Retirements are usually announced 6 months in advance. Demand may see production extended longer depending on popularity.

Q: Will there be any alternate builds or additions planned?

A: No alternate or additional sets have been announced or rumored at this time. As a highly detailed single model set, add-ons would be unlikely. However, the popularity may inspire future additions to the growing LEGO Icons theme.

Q: Is the set going to be a limited edition or widely available?

A: Based on positioning as a major yearly release, there are no indications this will be a limited edition set. Availability should be worldwide through all major LEGO retail partners and websites to ensure widespread access. Production quantities are typically calibrated to anticipated demand.


Number of pieces: 1506

This piece count is higher than any previous LEGO car set, demonstrating the immense scale and detail planned:

  • Bugatti Chiron (2017): 1268 pieces
  • Sian FKP 37 (2020): 1158 pieces
  • Toyota GR Supra (2021): 1267 pieces

Price: $179.99

This price point is in line with other large Technic and car sets at the top end of usual ranges:

  • Lamborghini Sian: $379.99 (1158 pieces)
  • Bugatti Chiron: $299.99 (1268 pieces)
  • Land Rover Defender: $169.99 (969 pieces)

Expected production period: 12-18 months

Typical for major yearly LEGO sets, allowing widespread distribution and production based on demand levels globally.

Chance of future additions: Moderate

The growing popularity of cars in the LEGO theme suggests future additions inspired by the Countach may be possible if this set achieves icon status.