Lexus LBX, the new premium hybrid SUV previewed by Gruppo Novauto

Lexus LBX, the new premium hybrid SUV previewed by Gruppo Novauto

LBXIt is an abbreviation of Lexus Breakthrough CrossoverThe new compact SUV, a full-fledged hybrid, incorporating modern ideas in design and technology, maintaining distinctive Lexus characteristics, such as luxury craftsmanship and Omotenashi hospitality.

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The new Lexus LBX is unique in nature: despite being one of the most compact SUVs created by Lexus, it has the appearance of a larger car. Its Lexus master hybrid system manages the vehicle’s power delivery and leaves you free to indulge in a unique driving experience, choosing between front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

LBX emerges as an icon of improvement and strengthembracing the latest trends in design and technology, while firmly maintaining the distinctive features that distinguish the Lexus brand: the elegant craftsmanship and hospitality of Omotenashi.

The exterior design is a bold statement of style and road presence. It is highlighted by a badge“Consistent Attitude” at the front, which reinterprets the famous Lexus hourglass grille, this small SUV exudes an aura of power, despite its small dimensions compared to other models of the brand. However, despite its large presence, LBX will be able to maintain elegant and modern appearance.

But it’s inside that the LBX reveals its charm. The cockpit is designed with the driver’s participation in mind, based on the concept Tazuna by Lexus, which aims to create a bond of equality between the driver and the car. The interior environment is characterized by a sense of lightness and openness, with a dashboard that gently extends towards the door panels, providing a unique view and an unparalleled driving experience, with two displays and high-quality materials, the interior provides an experience worthy of high status. examples of parts.

To meet different customer needs, LBX will be available in different configuration versions called atmospheres: Elegant, Relaxed, Sensual and Cool. While Luxury and Comfort focus on refinement and comfort, Emotion and Cool focus on sportiness and power, offering uncompromising performance and style.

It stands for Lexus LBX the perfect blend between innovative design, modern technology and uncompromising luxury. With its presence and refined interior, this compact SUV redefines the standards of elegance and sophistication in the current automotive landscape.

From 26 February to 2 March it will be possible to preview the New Lexus LBX at Lexus Varese – at the showroom in Viale Ippodromo 59 – by making an appointment at this link.