Lexus LBX – What does a baby Lexus offer?

Lexus LBX – What does a baby Lexus offer?

For the first time, Lexus is expanding into the B segment, with the Lexus LBX. Delving into the price list, we explore what the new ‘Lexus for kids’ has to offer.

Lexus is a strong brand in Asia and America, but in Europe it is still difficult to compete against many German competitors. That is why the brand is looking for market expansion. For the first time, the brand is growing in segment B, which is very important in Europe. It does so with a compact crossover, a high-end hatchback with SUV-like features. The new model is called the Lexus LBX. The letters stand for ‘Lexus Breakthrough X(cross)-over’.

Lexus LBX is always a hybrid

Lexus LBX is always a hybrid. The three-cylinder 1.5 liter, together with the electric motor, produces a power of 100 kW (136 hp). Shifting is always done through a CVT automatic transmission. There is a choice between front or four-wheel drive. The latter in particular ensures the best acceleration, but both models run to 100 km/h in more than nine seconds and continue up to 170 km/h. The difference is also not great for official consumption averages, with 4.5 l/100 km for RWD and 4.8 l/100 km for AWD.

Lexus LBX prices and equipment

The Lexus LBX list price starts at 35,995 euros for the entry-level ‘no-name’ model with rear-wheel drive. Then you have 17-inch alloy wheels, fabric upholstery (faux leather on the steering wheel and lever), a 7-inch TFT screen on the instruments, a 9.8-inch central display for infotainment (with volume control). useful support and security systems.

For others, Lexus does not work so much with the levels of luxury equipment for the LBX, but with a different ‘atmosphere’. You can choose from Elegant (40,495 euros), Emotion (40,995 euros), Relax (41,995 euros) and Cool (42,495 euros). These models have the same equipment, but different decorative themes. In any case, you have 18-inch alloy wheels, perforated or non-perforated artificial leather upholstery, steering wheel and front seat heating, electrically adjustable driver’s seat, interior mood lighting (depending on the sky in one color or even 64) and some additional support systems. The Cool is the only one with genuine leather upholstery. The entry-level model always has front-wheel drive, the Sky offers a choice of front- or fourth-wheel drive.

In addition, there is a temporary Original Edition (48,495 euros) and Business Line (35,995 euros) and Business Line Pro (39,995 euros) aimed at the business market, but for the sake of simplicity we will ignore these for now.

The choice is great again. We think the sky adds something to the basic model, but what will it be? We can do without electric seat adjustment, mood lighting in 64 colors or acoustic glass, so we are not sure between Elegant and Emotion: two-tone bodywork and privacy glass or not? However, it will be Feeling.

Exterior decoration

A pleasant surprise: the standard color of the Lexus LBX is a deep shade of yellow. For different colors you pay at least 995 euros. For that amount you can choose from white, three shades of gray and bright dark blue. For 1,395 euros you can choose from two Premium colors: bright red or bronze presentation color. White or gray is boring, we don’t necessarily like the copper tone and you can always choose red or blue. Let’s go crazy and stick with the default yellow color.

The choice of wheel depends on the atmosphere, so there is no choice in that area.

Interior decoration

The same goes for the interior. With your chosen Lexus LBX Impression you always get perforated leatherette with red stitching. The whole thing can be a little black, but with red accents it looks really good.

Enter the Lexus LBX Price List

Packages and personal options

Lexus doesn’t offer different options, but you can choose from six option packages. The Tech package (1,495 euros) includes digital equipment, a 12.3-inch central touchscreen, Smart Entry & Start, a wireless smartphone charger, additional USB ports and an electrically operated tailgate. The Premium Pack (2,495 euros) offers adaptive, operating lights, LED front fog lights and a Smart Digital Key. We choose the Technology Package.

The Top Pack (5,128 euros) includes a head-up display, Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System and many additional driving aids. We want the head-up display and sound system, but not the assistants. Considered in that way, the additional cost is very significant. Then don’t do it.

That leaves the Travel Package (1,195 euros) with cross bars and roof box, the Interior of the Style Pack (395 euros) with floor and luggage mats, the Interior of the Protection Package (375 euros) and other mats of floor and protective parts and Protection Package. Outside (Euro 365) with mudguard and protective film. We’ll also skip that for a moment.

Collect the Lexus LBX yourself

In that case, the Tech Package is our only chosen option, bringing the total price up to 42,490 euros. A lot of money for a car in the B segment. On the other hand, at first glance the LBX succeeds well in translating the characteristics of the larger Lexus models to the B segment. We also noticed this during the test drive. How do you put together a Lexus LBX? See all options at

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