Like an ice shack, the Chevrolet Cavalier becomes a portable fishing shack

Like an ice shack, the Chevrolet Cavalier becomes a portable fishing shack

Make your ice fishing dreams come true. 1996 product for sale…

Ice fishing often involves setting up a cabin on frozen water to protect from the winter elements. The 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier convertible now tries to simplify this process by simply combining the car with the so-called Ice Shanty into one device.

This Chevy Cavalier fisherman’s house is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace and is located in the state of Maine in the United States. The only thing left of the Chevrolet is the front end parts. Everything from the A-pillars onwards has been replaced and shedded. The fenders are gone, revealing chain tires and the front bumper has been replaced with a piece of wood. However, the hood and headlights are still there and there is a strange wooden box between the car and the cabin.

A stove with a chimney in front was built into it. There is a shelf on it. Chevrolet controls come out of the wall and the instrument panel is attached to a makeshift wooden dashboard. The shift lever is placed along the floor. The pictures don’t show the accelerator or brakes, but there are some mysterious objects placed near the steering wheel.

In fact, the car is not street legal. Not for the USA and not for Europe. There’s no picture from the back and we doubt there’s room for a license plate number there. Also, it looks like the back is standing flat on the ground. The car ran and drove when the owner put it away two years ago. But it is not known if it still works today. The seller is asking $2,000 for it.

Cars have been used as mobile homes in the past, so it makes sense to convert them into a mobile fishing cabin for a change. It may not be fun to drive, but that’s not its main purpose either. The switch is designed to keep its occupants warm, the fish cool and the elements to spoil a great day of fishing. A wood stove, chairs and table provide everything you need to make yourself comfortable.