LIVE: Prince Kūhiō Parade kicks off for the first time in Kapolei

LIVE: Prince Kūhiō Parade kicks off for the first time in Kapolei

LIVE: Commemorating the Legacy of Prince Kūhiō, Parade Kicks Off for the Inaugural Time in Kapolei

In a festive and momentous occasion, the inaugural Prince Kūhiō Parade officially commenced today in the town of Kapolei. The parade was organized to commemorate the late Prince Kūhiō, an influential and beloved leader of the Hawaiian people, who tirelessly championed the rights of Native Hawaiians and worked to preserve the culture and heritage of the islands.

The parade, which was held in the morning hours of March 26th, featured various participants from across the Hawaiian Islands, including floats, marching bands, and hula dancers. The procession began at the intersection of Kapolei Parkway and Wakea Street and proceeded along the entire length of Kapolei Parkway before arriving at the finish line at Kamokila Boulevard. The parade was attended by a large number of onlookers, locals, and members of the Hawaiian community alike.

The parade was organized by the Prince Kūhiō Commission, a non-profit organization that seeks to honor the legacy of Prince Kūhiō by providing educational opportunities, cultural resources, and economic development initiatives to the Native Hawaiian community. The commission was established in 2010 and has since organized numerous events, including the Prince Kūhiō Parade, to commemorate the prince’s life and work.

At the conclusion of the parade, a special ceremony took place at the Prince Kūhiō Memorial Park. There, a flower lei was placed upon the prince’s statue to symbolize the respect and admiration the Hawaiian people feel for their beloved leader. The ceremony also featured a speech from U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, in which he praised Prince Kūhiō’s dedication to the Hawaiian people and called on all citizens to honor his legacy by working to make the world a better place.

In sum, today’s Prince Kūhiō Parade proved to be a memorable and inspiring event, one that served to honor the legacy of a great leader and unite the Hawaiian people. As the parade and ceremony come to a close, the Hawaiian community looks forward to many more years of celebrating the life and work of Prince Kūhiō.