Luxury SUV – DS 7 Crossback.  Why luxury?  |

Luxury SUV – DS 7 Crossback. Why luxury? |

Luxury brands are governed by their own rules in the automotive industry. It is the subject of ambitions, intense debates and attempts to define the elements that must be fulfilled. The DS Automobiles brand of the Stellantis concern meets the definition of premium and luxury, distinguishing itself in the market with several features that are difficult to find in competitors such as Audi, BMW, Lexus or Mercedes.

Cars, yachts and airplanes are means of transportation and can be considered luxury. But where did words like luxury come from in our language at all and what is their purpose?

“The etymology of the word “luxury” comes from the Latin concept of luxury and luxuria meaning luxury, splendor. According to the Dictionary of the Polish Language, luxury is understood as conditions that ensure a comfortable life, pleasures that we cannot easily afford, and something expensive expensive that makes life easier or more enjoyable. According to the dictionary of W. Kopaliński, luxury is a concept that includes material goods, services, groceries, etc., available to social groups, with higher income than the general population” – we read in the work of dr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka entitled “LUXURY AND LUXURY GOODS” published by the University of Economics in Katowice.

As you can see, luxury is defined in terms of price as well as its qualities related to pleasure. Making life fun seems to be the key here. Cars fulfill the function of transporting people and goods, but only some of them meet other criteria of luxury. DS Automobiles is one of them.

“Producing luxury goods is closely related to art. Talented craftsmen – like artists – create beauty, and this work is creative and original. There is no point in establishing a sharp distinction between work of art and work of luxury, especially since some of authors classify works of art strictly as luxuries. However, one may be tempted to express the opinion that the features that distinguish a work of art from an object of luxury have their source in different uses. The function of a work of art is to serve the soul, that is, to satisfy needs of the mind: aesthetic or religious contemplation, the desire to manifest wealth or power; luxury goods also have utility value – in everyday life and on special occasions they are used as furniture, dishes, clothes and jewelry. The transparency of the border between of noble work and work of art is confirmed, for example, by the fact that many artists devoted their talents to creating objects of prosaic use (for example, Watteau willingly decorated the fans of the French elite with his works. ; many modern artists design porcelain crafts, vases and services)” – writes in his work “The concept of luxury – definition and characteristics” dr hab. Thomas Sikora.

DS Automobiles cars have a lot in common with works of art. Looking at such a DS 7 Crossback, you might wonder about features such as the carefully hand-finished interior, unique combinations of metal and leather, specially designed buttons, and finally the BRM analog clock that unlocks. it makes us deal with art and utility.

“The good of luxury is often defined by its characteristics. J. Kapferer distinguishes six characteristics of luxury goods:

  • best quality,
  • very high price,
  • scarcity and uniqueness (uniqueness),
  • beauty,
  • legacy,
  • brand history,
  • extravagance,

that is, the goodness given to you is not necessary for existence” quotes dr hab. Dominika Bochanczyk-Kupka.

In the case of DS Automobiles and the DS 7 Crossback, we see a number of features from this list. The quality of the materials used, high prices, rarity, very high aesthetics, the heritage of the French school of design and the type of luxury are there. We have here, for example, special methods of production – this manual work.

DS isn’t driven by technology, or at least it’s not just driven by technology – there’s a lot of artistry here, and France (along with Italy) has been and still is seen as the home of luxury in terms of design, style and. complexity. You can feel it when looking at the cars – they have a lot of style and a measure of emotion apart from technical precision and fatigue. That’s why DS Automobiles talks about it as a brand that embodies the avant-garde spirit and tries to copy it exactly, for example, Lexus.

The brand is young, because it has been operating on the market for only 8 years, but it has already managed to find a group of loyal customers. Considering the Polish group of DS 7 Crossback owners, one can notice something interesting: many people write about the pleasure of being in this car, reluctance to get out – as if the DS 7 takes the owner to a more beautiful, beautiful, secluded place. from the problems of the outside world. Maybe it’s not a lifestyle yet, but something must be changing, since most of the comments here are similar.

“Luxury can only be defined by a large number of parameters. It is also not certain whether everything has already been said in this field,” we read in the work of Tomasz Sikora. And this is perhaps a good summary of this introduction to the topic, because it seems that the DS brand Automobiles has defined this concept in its French way. Not everyone has to agree with this definition, but there are those who are sure of it, and then they often become buyers of a unique and luxurious car in French.

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