Maserati Grecale Folgore: On the test drive in Trident SUV under power

Maserati Grecale Folgore: On the test drive in Trident SUV under power

This is how the new Maserati Grecale Folgore drives

Robust and high-quality manufacturing, with an independently designed but not overly stylish interior, non-slip (or Oeko-Tex) leather surfaces and open digital instruments, arouse curiosity. Then, with a low center of gravity and a very gentle rear weight distribution, you can accelerate with a maximum of 820 Newton meters and 410 kW (500 hp) from two electric motors through all-wheel drive, and a rate of over 820 Newton Meters and 4.1 seconds to 100 if desired.

Curves? Oh yes. Please. Absolutely!

Straight forward, sure. Everyone can. But curves? Well, that’s where the 4.90m Grecale feels at home, taking the driver’s wheel from the first corner onwards. In fact, because the electric SUV does not have a steering shaft, i.e. this area of ​​the wind, to feel down near the central position. Logically, it stands on the platform called Giorgio, which helps Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and Stelvio, for example, achieve style-defining prowess. Although it sometimes feels as if the car was built around the steering wheel alone, which goes into corners, the Maserati seems more relaxed. Because of its wheel, which has been extended by eight centimeters, but also the air suspension carefully coordinated with appropriate dampers.

Ackermann angle yes, hectic no

Although the Grecale rubs the front wheels, which are up to 21 inches in size, when driving, which shows a clear Ackermann design (the two front wheels point at different angles, which increases agility), it never drives nervously. . Instead, it can be positioned and guided easily, even in a series of demanding alternating bends, which take a dry place without a great rhythm but with high speed and tension. Only in wet conditions or when driving hard is there a risk of a slight slip of the front axle, aka understeer. Well, there are 2.5 tons pushing here.

Long distance travel works, but with a little patience

Otherwise, clean body control helps him when completing corners, even without active controls. Maserati SUV leaves the clouds, isolated and floated by others, but long-distance comfort is not. He likes to quietly pull his guests to the farthest reaches on the comfortable seats (upholstered on request) behind the 12.3-inch infotainment display. As long as they, that is, visitors, can handle the topic of uploading. The Folgore battery, which was completely designed and produced in Italy, has a total capacity of 105 kWh and a net capacity of around 96 kWh, but it can only be charged at its peak with a controllable 150 kW – also the result of the 400 volt Technology. Others, especially those with 800 V, can do more. After all, the Grecale, which can reach a speed of up to 220 km / h, charges its battery in advance, offers adjustable recharge rates, four driving modes and intelligent route planning, which helps to plan the route, like a charger onboard and up. charging power of 22 kW with the Maserati charging card that covers 96 percent of all batteries in Europe. Not to mention Maserati’s own wall box. Well, for a price north of 124,000 euros you can expect such a subtle music sound system from Sonus Faber.

Electrification also plays an important role in Maserati’s future strategy. This includes a commitment to offer electric versions of the entire model series by 2025 and fully electric cars only by 2030. The next logical step on this path is the electric version of the compact SUV Grecale, which, like its sister models, has Folgore prefix to his name.

Visually there is no difference to their combustion engine counterparts, apart from the new rear apron, which to insert the distributor no longer gives way to the exhaust pipes. The charging plug is hidden where the tank filler neck would otherwise be. The bronze painting and inscriptions and symbols, which also have a bronze appearance, are typical of Folgore.

The base price is 124,301 euros. This makes the electric Grecale the most expensive all-wheel drive variant in the Italian portfolio after the V8 models are discontinued.

.. ein “must-have”!… unusual

Maserati’s first fully electric SUV is impressive because it combines the brand’s unique status with good handling and great comfort. There is also a high visibility. However, fast chargers have to make peace with a charging capacity of 150 kW.