Maserati Grecale Modena SUV: New images show the luxury everyday car

Maserati Grecale Modena SUV: New images show the luxury everyday car

Starting with the Levante in 2016, Maserati has continued to expand its SUV portfolio over the years. In 2023, attention turns to the new, more luxurious Maserati Grecale Modena. The SUV, which fits in the same market segment as the Porsche Macan, offers the perfect combination between sportiness and beauty. (Also read: Maserati Grecale: the most powerful SUV of the hour)

Maserati: interiors inspired by Italian builders

After two limited editions already released in 2022, the new Maserati Grecale Modena SUV embodies the brand’s classic concept “The Everyday Exceptional”. The revised silhouette flows into the luxurious interior. Grecale is very well designed outside and inside. Impressive details turn an SUV presented as an everyday car into a car with plenty of refinement – without sacrificing performance or functionality. (Also interesting: Maserati: new MC20 Cielo now available as Spyder)

Finished in a striking Grigio Cangiante colour, the Modena features 20-inch alloy wheels and is completed with blacked-out exhaust tips, an equally dark grille, a front splitter and a gloss black logo. The interior decoration is inspired by the work of the great Italian architect Luigi Nervi (1891 – 1979): embroidered and stitched pictorial motifs are repeated on the dashboard, panels and seats. (Exciting: New electric cars 2023: Maserati, Lotus, Rolls-Royce and Co. announced these 9 luxury electric cars)

Inspired by the repetitive pattern in Luigi Nervi’s architecture, this motif enlivens surfaces and enhances them.


Drive and performance Maserati Grecale Modena SUV

Both the GT and Modena are powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. While the GT has an output of 296 hp, accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds and has a top speed of 149 km/h, the Modena specifications are slightly different. Although it uses the same engine, it produces 325 hp, which enables the race from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. Top speed remains the same. From a base price of 83,776 euros, the Modena can now be configured by Maserati.