Max Spies (KTM): Continues to the end in pain / MXGP Motocross World Championship

Max Spies (KTM): Continues to the end in pain / MXGP Motocross World Championship

KTM Cossack rider Max Spies had a tough weekend in the deep depths of Riola Sardo. Setup problems and accidents through no fault of his own prevented a good result in the MXGP in Sardinia.

“On Saturday we still had some problems with the chassis, so first we had to find the right set-up. “On Sunday morning we had a good preparation environment in which I could race,” explained Spies, who was ranked 17th in qualifying. and so he was able to start from midfield on Sunday.

However, the start was completely backwards: in the first corner Kosak-KTM could only be found at the back of the field. The next qualifying race worked better: within the first two laps, the Brandenburg driver made up several places and took 15th place. “I was able to finish the first race well, even if it wasn’t what I’m capable of, because the start was a disaster.” It didn’t work out, even if the 15th is okay,” Spies muttered, slightly disappointed.

What didn’t work at all in the first half worked much better in the second half of the day. Eventually, however, another person’s fall caused serious problems and severe consequences. “In the second round I got off to a good start and was able to move up a few places in the first few corners,” said the 20-year-old in an interview with “I should have been in the top 10, which is what I needed. It played a big role how high the base speed of the people around you is. That put you in a good rhythm. If the rhythm on the track is gone, then the race is over and you crash. Unfortunately, two riders they fell and a motorcycle came into my path. I rode on the motorcycle with a full load and drove face to face with the wall. First the face and then the motorcycle behind it – like a scorpion. My back and my upper left arm suffered damage again.”

After Spies reraised, he put everything on one card and ran quick rounds. When he got to the field again, another problem arose. “When I met the other drivers again, they completely took my rhythm away. Then I crashed because the pain got worse. Then it was all over for me and I went to the end in 20th place.”

For the 15th and 20th places, Spies collected 7 points and thus 18 for the day. He is ranked 18th in the table.

Results MXGP Riola Sardo:

1. Jorge Prado (L), GASGAS, 1-1
2. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda, 2-2
3. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM, 3-3
4. Paul Jonas (LT), Honda, 5-4
5. Romain Febvre (F), Kawasaki, 6-5
6. Glenn Coldenhoff (NL), Fantic, 4-9
7. Calvin Vlaanderen (NL), Yamaha, 7-6
8. Jeremy Seewer (CH), Kawasaki, 11-7
9. Brian Bogers (NL), Fantic, 8-11
10. Kevin Horgmo (N), Honda, 10-10
11. Ben Watson (GB), Beta, 9-12
12. Isak Gifting (S), Yamaha, 14-8
13. Tom Koch (D), KTM, 12-13
14. Cornelius Toendel (N), KTM, 16-14
15. Alvin Östlund (S), Honda, 13-18
16. Valentin Guillod (CH), Honda, 18-15
17. Adam Sterry (GB), KTM, 17-17
18. Maximilian Spies (D), KTM, 15-20
19. Todd Kellett (GB), Yamaha, 21-16
20. Kevin Brumann (CH), Husqvarna, 25-19
21. Ivo Monticelli (I), Beta, 19-21
22. Benoit Paturel (F), Yamaha, 20-24
23. Tim Edberg (S), Honda, 28-22
24. Jan Pancar (SLO), KTM, 23-23
25. Anton Nagy (S), Yamaha, 24-25
26. Mark Scheu (D), Husqvarna, 26-26
27. Jacub Teresak (CZ), Husqvarna, 22-27
28. Roan van de Moosdijk (NL), Honda, 27-28
29. Thomas Sileoka (LT), GASGAS, 29-29

MXGP World Championship standings after World Championship stage 3 of 20:

1. Jorge Prado (E), GASGAS, 174 points
2. Tim Gajser (SLO), Honda, 157, (-17)
3. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM, 125, (-49)
4. Romain Febvre (F), Kawasaki, 123, (-51)
5. Paul Jonas (LT), Honda, 113, (-61)
6. Jeremy Seewer (CH), Kawasaki, 99, (-75)
7. Calvin Vlaanderen (NL), Yamaha, 90, (-84)
8. Glenn Coldenhoff (NL), Fantic, 83, (-91)
9. Kevin Horgmo (N), Honda, 64, (-110)
10. Maxime Renaux (F), Yamaha, 63, (-111)
11. Valentin Guillod (CH), Honda, 60, (-114)

16. Tom Koch (D), KTM, KTM, 30, (-144)
17. Brian Bogers (NL), Fantic, 26, (-148)
18. Maximilian Spies (D), KTM, 22, (-152)

22. Kevin Brumann (CH), Husqvarna, 7, (-167)