Measurements.  Nissan X-Trail e-Power, hybrid and four-wheel drive SUV

Measurements. Nissan X-Trail e-Power, hybrid and four-wheel drive SUV

A family SUV shouldn’t just transport the family and their cargo. Safety, driving pleasure, but also energy efficiency and fuel savings now enter the equation when choosing. By adopting its own technology, Nissan is trying a new way.

A unique combination

In the case of the X-Trail, the e-4ORCE dual-electric system develops a total power of 157 kW, or 213 hp. Unlike most hybrid cars, this is not a traditional gasoline engine assisted by a small electric motor.

The two thrust motors are electric, one in front of 150 kW (torque of 330 Nm) and the second one in the back of 100 kW (torque of 195 Nm). The idea is simple, to provide the benefits of driving an electric car, without the restrictions.

Petrol, to wit

What differentiates e-POWER technology from its competitors is that the wheels are driven exclusively by an electric motor.

The gasoline engine is used only as a generator. It is only used to generate the electricity the car needs to move forward.

This electricity is stored in the battery, which enables the electric motors to provide propulsion.

A real 4X4?

Using its experience in off-road vehicles, Nissan is reinventing the four-wheel drive through its e-4ORCE system.

This all-wheel drive system reacts to a loss of rear-wheel traction 10,000 times faster than a conventional mechanical four-wheel drive system.

The transmission of power between the wheels is instantaneous. X-Trail is good on all terrains, not neglecting the road.

The e-4ORCE system controls brake redistribution to reduce cornering, or forward dive when braking.

Nissan X-Trail e-4ORCE Technical + in short

2 or 4 wheels.

Up to 1000 kilometers of freedom.

5 or 7 seats on board.

Power: 213 hp.

Consumption, combined cycle: 6.4 l/100 km.

Trunk volume: 485 liters.


Overall length: 1,720 mm

B – Overall length: 4,680 mm

C – Width: 1,840 mm (without mirrors), 2,065 mm (with mirrors).


rims 20 inches.

Carved leather upholstery.

Panoramic glass sunroof.

Bose premium 10 speaker sound system.

Three-zone air conditioning.

Standards : X-Trail range from €43,700