Mercedes-Benz CLS: The end is near: Mercedes spokesperson: CLS production will end in August – News – Mercedes fans

Mercedes-Benz CLS: The end is near: Mercedes spokesperson: CLS production will end in August – News – Mercedes fans

It’s part of Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius’ savings and refund plan to reduce the model portfolio. Four-door coupés feel that way. Mercedes CLS C257 is treated in the media as a prisoner sentenced to death. Until now, it was thought to be discontinued in 2024. Now a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Australia told colleagues from car expert, that production of the Mercedes-Benz CLS will be stopped as early as August 2023: “Production of the current CLS will be stopped in August this year to prepare for the new E-Class,” a Mercedes spokesperson is quoted as saying.

The four-door coupe is simply chic. Who invented it? Mercedes Benz. But fatherhood does not prevent the star from putting CLS to bed after three generations. The death knell will be heard in August 2023, writes Auto Expert. According to reports, the 4-door AMG GT Coupé will also be buried in 2025. The CLS and AMG GT 4-door coupe X190 seem to get the way of the four-door Mercedes EQE. The target group is the same and the future belongs to the all-electric EQE for the Stuttgart company. So CLS will soon be a thing of the past.

There is no doubt that Mercedes-Benz is taking the ax to its style icon with the discontinuation of production of the shapely and sporty CLS. Decision makers in Stuttgart should bring some freedom from pain. The Mercedes-Benz paddock, on the other hand, will have to endure a lot. For some models, Mercedes-Benz has already made the final official (SLC, S-Class Coupé and S-Class Cabriolet). Windows placed the C-Class coupe, C-Class Cabriolet, E-Class coupe, E-Class Cabriolet (to be replaced by the new 2-door CLE-Class in 2023/2024), as well as the A-Class and B-Class on list of deaths. In the coming years, it is widely rumored that two other Mercedes icons will be at each other’s throats in a few years. And with the end of the production of C-Class Estate and E-Class Estate, the inventor of the car could forget the body of the Mercedes station wagon, which is highly valued by many MIBs in this country, and forgotten.

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