Mercedes-Benz EQS update: Cars beyond the S-Class: Mercedes’ top-of-the-line electric car returns to traditional combustion engine guise – good times – Mercedes Fans

Mercedes-Benz EQS update: Cars beyond the S-Class: Mercedes’ top-of-the-line electric car returns to traditional combustion engine guise – good times – Mercedes Fans

For the current 2024 model year, the EQS now receives a major update package that is intended to make it even more popular in the premium segment. More performance, more functionality, more technology and, above all, a more traditional S-Class looks thanks to the radiator trim with chrome applications and the hood star. The new EQS can be ordered from 25 April 2024. Despite the improved standard equipment, the base prices remain unchanged from €109,551.40.

When Mercedes-Benz presented the EQS for the first time in April 2021, the electric luxury sedan was described as the first of a new era whose face would represent the new modernity of Mercedes. Three years later, people in Stuttgart believe that the change of face is important and determines the cultural behavior of looking. You should realize at first glance that the EQS wants to be a Mercedes S-Class.

A distinctive feature of Mercedes-EQ cars is the deep black radiator grille (black panel), the appearance of which has been redesigned or traditionally presented. The main electric number in the Electric Art Line is fitted with a new radiator cowl and chrome applications as standard. The look with the chrome-plated, flush-mounted slats and the standing star on the front hood will surely win more friends in the Mercedes paddock.

With the EQS update, the buyer gets more range and therefore more suitability for long distances, because the battery capacity increases from the previous 108.4 kWh to 118 kWh. This should increase the maximum range of the EQS 450 4MATIC from 717 to 799 kilometers, for example. The EQS 450+ should travel up to 822 km when things go well. Mercedes-Benz has increased the trailer load for EQS sedans with 4MATIC from 750 to 1,700 kg. Customers can now also pull a horse trailer.

The EQS also has a lot of new things to offer in the interior. The ventilation nozzles on the B-pillars now have a frame made of galvanized chrome. Additional cushioning at the back is reinforced with nappa leather piping. A rear seat package is standard in the EQS. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted from 27 to 36 degrees at the touch of a button. The look of the range of seat covers emphasizes the character of the individual seat.

Automatic lane on two-lane highways

With the “Automatic Lane Change” (ALC) function, Mercedes-Benz now also offers the most intelligent development of driving assistance systems in the SAE Level 2 range in Europe. On roads with two structurally different lanes, automatic lane change (up to a speed of 140 km/h) is supported by allowing the vehicle to automatically overtake a slower vehicle in front if there is enough space and lane markings are recognized. In the EQS models for the revision year 2024, the work has been replaced by old works.

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