Mercedes-Benz G Class 10/1990 is sold for 159000€

Mercedes-Benz G Class 10/1990 is sold for 159000€

The 463 series Mercedes Benz 300 GE offered here is painted the rare color Colorado beige 1470. The convertible, which originally had a soft top, was fitted with a hard top from SCHMUDE in 1992. A total of 84,189 km can be traced to the booklet check. The interior is as you’d expect from an off-road vehicle, solid and comfortable. However, unlike the 461 series, the 300 GE of the 463 series has a lot of equipment.

The all-wheel drive Bull from Mercedes Benz is in good condition mentally and technically and is ready to be used in any terrain. The low slip differential and powerful engine make every road passable and where there is no road, it makes one. The 1990 300 GE is a true off-road monster that is second to none.

This Mercedes 300 GE is ideal for everyday use, and anyone who also wants to participate in gatherings or is looking for a lifestyle car is also well served by the 300 GE.

Log in, power it up and hit the ground running!


  • A check book has been maintained
  • Previous owner
  • Schmude hardtop
  • Solid product recovery test report
  • Permanent all-wheel drive
  • closing difference

serial history

The shape of the Mercedes Benz G-Class, which has been in production since 1979, has not changed to this day. No line or edge is adjusted for the drag coefficient – it remains true to itself! Technically, however, there have been constant improvements and further developments until today.

Together with the Steyr-Daimler-Puch group of Austria, Mercedes-Benz developed and launched the G-Class. The W460 was the original variant and was produced until 1990. From 1990 there was a split into two different models, the W461 with reduced equipment and optional four-wheel drive and the W463 with more extensive equipment and permanent four-wheel drive.

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