Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain Spy Photos Proshots Revealed

Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain Spy Photos Proshots Revealed

The nascent Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain has once again been spotted undergoing trials. Captured in the vicinity of the research and development facility of the celestial marque, the novel iteration of this familial crossover has been caught on film in increasingly revealing spy shots, baring its most idiosyncratic traits. A viable alternative for those disinclined towards the prospect of an SUV, slated to arrive in 2024.

Notwithstanding the middling sales figures of the previous generation of the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain, the iconic brand has opted to grant it another lease on life for a couple of compelling reasons. Firstly, it is a more versatile crossover option founded on the family, thereby offering greater adaptability off the beaten track. Secondly, it continues to sell fairly well in the German and central European markets, sufficiently so to justify its continued inclusion in the range.

Reinforcing this rationale is the emergence of fresh spy photos showcasing the latest version of the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain in greater detail. Although still clad in camouflage, the vehicle’s unique features are more discernible in the black vinyl panels and other non-standardized test coverings adorning much of its bodywork. With its more contemporary and distinguished front end, inspired by the latest E-Class iteration, this vehicle boasts distinctive embellishments that set it apart from the crowd.

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2024 Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain spy photos

The small chrome stars of the AMG Line finish adorn the edges and the two horizontal chrome slats on the mantle of the radiator grill, which can be spotted in advance, accompanied by a satin aluminum protection in the central part of the bumper. The enhanced body height from the ground, together with the new side skirts that are more typical of SUVs, and the wheel arch protections accentuate the more off-road character of the car.

The style of this E-Class Estate that is more suited for off-road driving is also extended to the back of the car. The latest generation of the saloon has already unveiled its lavish and advanced interior, which will also be a feature of this model. The latest innovations released by this remarkable novelty will benefit this model. The new All-Terrain version will come with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, air suspension that can be configured in different modes, and active steering on the 4.5º rear axle, all of which will be standard features in all available versions.

The new Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain is scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2024. The lineup of engines will consist of gasoline and diesel options with four and six cylinders in line, including the exclusive 450d with MHEV technology, and a potent plug-in hybrid of the new generation. We have already seen this PHEV in this prototype and previous ones, and it will have a maximum range of up to 110 kilometers in electric mode. The new Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain will be unveiled in the fall along with the E-Class family, and both will be released in the first quarter of 2024.