Mercedes, Red Bull, Audi or Aston Martin: Sainz in the middle of market interest, but not only.  All drivers are crazy

Mercedes, Red Bull, Audi or Aston Martin: Sainz in the middle of market interest, but not only. All drivers are crazy

There is no point in beating around the bush and saying that we will talk about it again in due course: Carlos Sainz is at the center of market interest for next season and will certainly not wait for its conclusion to start negotiations. The good form of the Ferrari driver, who will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of the Maranello team in 2025, does nothing but attract media attention on what his future will be. But what options are available to the Iberia driver?

Mercedes without Hamilton

It is impossible to start from Mercedes, which from next year will be without the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. A free wheel on Silver Arrows, therefore, only guaranteed to be George Russell’s confirmation.

The Brackley team operates under the radar, and certainly cannot fail to consider Sainz among the main open-wheel contenders. Toto Wolff is certainly an unpredictable character, and often throws out false clues to confuse the minds of those in the industry, so it’s always good to tread carefully.

For Carlos, the Mercedes solution would not be bad, considering that in any case it is still a team with big goals and some economic stability, able to provide a salary that meets expectations, a detail that is not secondary. importance. George Russell and opponent to fight on equal terms, considering the experience he had with his teammate who decided to compete like Charles Leclerc, and this will be another positive aspect. The only unknown for the Spanish driver is linked to the short-term competition for one seat, which has now decided behind Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren.

But what about Mercedes? Toto Wolff took a big shot, talking about Max Verstappen as the main target of the team. There is a storm at Red Bull, and perhaps Mercedes is thinking of taking advantage of that and entering, but the Dutch champion may not be persuaded by the idea of ​​waiting for new competition from the Silver Arrows. The solution Sebastian Vettelthe rumors that spread with emphasis after the news of the talks he had with the head of the Mercedes team came out, seems to have deteriorated in the last period, but nevertheless it cannot be excluded as a priority.

Also in this case there is only one point, called Kimi Antonelli, who continues to grow and gain experience: he is undoubtedly the driver of the future of the Brackley team. So would it be worth investing in Carlos Sainz for a long-term project or would it be a temporary (and short) option to wait for the Italian Antonelli?

Red Bull, everything is about Verstappen

In Red Bull everything depends on the Dutch champion. Between the stomachaches and the fight between Marko and Horner’s group, Max watches carefully but continues to do what he does best, which is to rule from far and wide. When there are no technical problems or breakdowns of the car he is always better on the track by distance. With the opinion of Mercedes removed, therefore, next season we will start again from Super Max, but who will be on his side?

Unlike 2023, Perez, whose contract expires, does what is asked of him, which is to look behind the first driver and come behind him (one-two came in 3 out of 4 grands prix). By doing so the Mexican could also get the desired update on the track, but it is clear that his seat is the most coveted by all drivers looking for a new experience.

Sainz is highly valued at Red Bull, especially by Christian Horner: he would have the most competitive car in the world championship at his disposal and a salary that once again meets expectations. But would this be enough to aim for the world championship if he wanted? Chances are yes, basically a little, given that on the other side of the garage there is a real cannibal ready to devour everything on the track. So, Sainz will have what it takes to join Red Bull, but this will mean signing on for a support role. Can you willingly accept? For the world’s leading car manufacturer there will also be options Fernando Alonsowhich has been circulating strongly in the last period, but even in this case there may be a problem of coexistence.

Audi and Aston Martin

Joining Sauber, which will become Audi from 2026, will be a second step in the vacuum whether or not Sainz takes over as the main driver, but with what guarantee of competition? What will Audi’s power unit look like? Perhaps too much is unknown for a rider trying to jump for quality to aim for the dream of the world championship, even if it must be considered that in 2026 the rules will change and everyone will start from scratch.

Aston Martin hangs on the lips of Fernando Alonsothe undisputed leader.

If for some reason the Spaniard chose to leave, this opportunity would also open up for Carlos, but the same argument made before applies: the level of competition of the team, also with a view to 2026.