More problems for Leclerc: Ferrari running out of turbos!

More problems for Leclerc: Ferrari running out of turbos!

It was the biggest shock of the Baku race: the impressive retirement of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. After only 20 rounds, the V6 behind its F1-75 smoked with an old-fashioned snout. It was the second time Charles had dropped out of school in connection with an engine in three Grand Prix competitions. The initial crisis had already cost him victory in Spain.

No Charles, you won’t have a turbo

The failed Barcelona engine was second to Leclerc this season. After the race he returned to the unit he started with the year. With fourteen Grand Prix left, Charles has only one combustion engine left. That doesn’t seem to be a matter of future races in Canada, but the problems are even bigger for Scuderia.

In addition to the combustion engine, battery usage, both MGU, exhaust systems, engine and turbo management are also limited by FIA. Leclerc has already used his third and final authorized copy of that copy.

Reuse or headaches

This gives Scuderia a big challenge: even if they put a new V6 in Leclerc’s car, they can’t fit the new turbo without care. After all, for every part of the engine that the team spends extra, there is a grid penalty of ten locations.

Ferrari can reset it, or choose to remove the used turbo from one of the main engines and crash it into a new one. Given the uncertainties of these units, this usually poses a significant risk, especially since it is still unknown what caused the blue smoke in Baku. That could just be a turbo.

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So it will be difficult for Leclerc and Ferrari in Montreal. Will Scuderia retain their star-studded position, with all associated risks, or will the team play safely and send Charles for at least P11 on the grid? Team boss Mattia Binotto did not want to discuss that yet. The Italian wants to first wait for an emergency investigation by the failed Baku power unit.