Review: Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Review: Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD

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SUVs are failing the market. Until now, conventional cars are replaced by this type of cars or must have the same in their range. This is the case with the Mini that has the Countryman, Megane it was canceled and an electric car Mégane SUV or Ford Puma appeared, which is not very similar to its model.

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The Ford Mustang Mach 1 may still be crazy, but it no longer rides like an unknown horse.

As with the latter company, Ford probably likes such treatment. Finally we have the Mustang Mach-E, which is an electric SUV. Many purists argued that it wasn’t a real Mustang, and how could anyone mention this glorious name, which is unmistakably associated with a muscle car. Building an SUV that’s sharper than the competition and putting on a racehorse logo doesn’t make it a Mustang, does it?

But is that true? Could an electric SUV called the Mustang really not be a good car? Is Mach-E an expensive PR stunt to show that the company cares about the environment? Or maybe it’s a matter of the fact that the legal loop is slowly tightening and that in order to survive in the market, the company must have electricity in its portfolio? Perhaps the answers to some of these questions, to what extent it can be included: yes, that’s exactly what it is. So, let’s see if the Mustang Mach-E is worth considering?

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD – sporty looks and sporty character

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of it when I passed the Mach-E, but I didn’t have time to take a good look at it. It is true that I was not one of those dissatisfied for whom it is not a “real Mustang.” I was skeptical, but I wanted to know what Ford had to say about a Mustang worthy of the 21st century with an ecological drive. true that the American manufacturer recently presented the next generation of the classic coupe. , however, the Mach-E responds to the needs of environmentalists who would like to say they are a Mustang.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

Many things happen in front of the car. There is no ordinary barbecue, which is perfectly built here. On it we have a black rope that has a decorative role. On the sides we have an LED light that falls sharply towards the center. The front looks like an angry Burt Reynolds from the “helmsman runs” times.

The profile of Mach-E is very developed. 19 inch wheels, black door sills, black glass roof stand out from the body. Especially the back of the car. What is really noticeable is the lack of door handles, even retractable ones like on the Range Rover or Tesla. There is a button on the window frame next to each door. The front door has a small handle. What I liked were the black, varnished pads on the sills and wheel arches, which visually make the car taller.

Ty is relatively calm. Roof spoiler, small black window and lots of space. The button to open the trunk is placed intuitively, but it is difficult to hit it. But the world is the most interesting.

As well as the usual goodies, we have a night vision logo projector, folding mirrors and lights to prevent dazzling other drivers.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWDFord Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

Cyber ​​​​Orange is a special color and you will have to pay extra for it (5000 PLN). However, it must be admitted that the color is fun and unique. As if the car itself wasn’t good on the road. Not only is it a contender for the Mustang title, it’s also electric. In this car there is no way for anyone not to look back. Since it is still very unusual, every now and then one looks away from behind it.

The Mustang Mach-E is an awesome car. Sharp and strong. Even as he stands, he feels like he’s getting ready to leave. There was no such car on the market for a long time, especially at Ford.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD – smoothness, sound bar and screen, who is it for?

Let’s go inside. Surely, Ford will learn his lesson here. The materials are of good quality and soft. Black leather seats with red stitching are a hit. I am also pleased with the manufacturer that the leather surfaces around the shifting gears are covered with varnished plastic.

It is important to note that there is no piano black lacquer here. The dashboard is a combination of plastic and material behind the B&O soundbar. There were also two screens on board. The first 10.2 ” is located behind the steering wheel and shows basic speed, battery charge and various information. There is also information about whether we will leave the zone. This is the only information it shows. It was kept to a minimum.

The second screen, located in the center of the dashboard, is placed vertically and measures 15.5”. This is the brain of the whole car. This is where navigation, climate and seat heating data, settings and games appear. The problem with it, however, is that it is not clear who it is intended for. It is not directed at the driver or the passenger. Rear seat passengers also cannot drive it. It directs directly, which makes its operation absolutely amazing. In addition, it has a lot of lag and creates animations. There are no physical buttons in the cabin, except for those responsible for the emergency lights and the handbrake.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWDFord Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

Rear seat passengers won’t complain. For an SUV, the seats are very comfortable there. Mickey. In addition, people taller than 1.80 m will have large heads.

Sunlight comes through panoramic glass (4,900 kt) which does not open. It is not a regular rectangle, which makes it not a boring piece of glass. The problem is that it cannot be covered.

A feature that should appeal to many people is the two luggage racks. One is the classic behind the seats, and the other, where the engine is in traditional cars, ie in front. As a result, the Mach-E has a total of 619 liters (519 liters in the rear and 100 liters in the front). the use of the front rack to the surprise of random viewers in the store. Not everyone is used to the boot on this side of the car yet. Fun fact: there’s a button inside this trunk and a face coming out of it. What? can children hide there?

The interior is generally very pleasant. Everything fits well and is of good quality. The only problem that bothers me the most is that there is too much information on the home screen that I can’t see while driving. Changing tracks is done through the steering wheel, but to see what will be summer at any time, you need to look at this big screen. In addition, the large number of sub-menus makes it difficult to use.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD – a rocket, but mainly the king of straight lines

The tested Mach-E had a battery with an increased capacity, which was 98 kWh, thanks to which the theoretical range of the car was 550 km, and in reality, after a full charge, the on-board computer shows 520 km. . Not a big difference. In addition, the car had 351 hp and 580 Nm of torque. Everything is permanently driven by all wheels. Thanks to such a set, Mach-E accelerates, according to the manufacturer, from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds, while the maximum speed is 180 km / h. It is not the end of the truth when the car can go more than 180 km / h.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWDFord Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

The dimensions of the Mach-E are as follows: 4,713 mm in length, 1,930 mm in width and 1,624 mm in height. So he is the soul of Kii EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Nissan Ariya, Skoda Enyaq iV and Volkswagen ID. 5, but shorter than the Tesla Model Y. It is wider than all previously mentioned, but less than Nissan, Tesla and Volkswagen. All the vehicles mentioned are Ford’s main competitors.

How was the trip itself? You can’t complain about it in most cases. Acceleration is so interesting that you have to push the pedal every time. Primordiality is somewhat dim, and sometimes very difficult. There is no way you won’t feel the speed. The severe discomfort you feel during sharp turns. The car leans a lot and is not very confident in itself, which makes it easier to overcome bends than in other electrics.

The part to get used to is the brakes. They are very sensitive and it will take the driver some time to get used to them. They are very effective.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet after more than 40 years has beenAfter 40 years, they released the impressive Mustang from the shed

Another drawback that makes life difficult is the size of the car. It may not be big, but with very small mirrors and limited visibility through the rear window, you can feel like you’re in a porcelain pot. Fortunately, there is a 360-degree camera system, but it can only be called up when the car is moving. When the driver stops and wants to see if he can still ride, they don’t work. Only hot when the wheel is slightly moved, and it can cost you to hit a wall or another car.

What you might like is the high driving position. Mach-E is not some kind of colossus, but it feels like you are sitting higher. When the door opens, you can even see the reason – from the drop to the threshold, we have a large space of plastic and metal, where the battery is hidden. For this reason, the base of the door resembles a guillotine blade.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWDFord Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

The average “fuel consumption” in Mach-E during the entire test was 20 kWh / 100 km. The manufacturer says 18 kWh / 100 km, so it can be concluded that this is a realistic goal.

The Mach-E may not be the best car to drive, but it feels like a solid offering. It is worth mentioning that when entering a destination in the navigation, in addition to showing the travel time and kilometers, we will be informed about the percentage of the battery left and if it will be necessary to enter somewhere to recharge. In addition, we can see on the map where we will get for a certain level of payment.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD – worth the investment?

The Mustang Mach-E may be a true Mustang and it won’t be for the old generation. However, to use the film’s nomenclature, it is a successful upgrade, perhaps a spiritual successor. Who is his name, for example, Ford Later on It won’t change anything, but the Mustang looks more luxurious and has a basis in customer awareness.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium AWDFord Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD Konrad Grobel

In the case of this car, however, the biggest problem will still be the price. The first version with a large battery and all-wheel drive costs from PLN 372,000. However, for the model configured as in the test, you have to pay about PLN 381,900. Duo, but unfortunately electronics still cost that much.

However, the Mach-E is a successful car. A car that is famous from the competition and is a major player on the map of electric cars in Poland.