NASCAR test in Phoenix

NASCAR test in Phoenix

Two days of testing are on the program this week at the Phoenix oval to prepare for the season NASCAR Cup Series 2023. Six teams are invited to test several solutions aimed at improving the behavior of the Next Gen and solving some of the security problems that had marred the inaugural season of this new generation:

  • Trackhouse Racing – Chevrolet
  • Roush Fenway Keselowski-Ford
  • Joe Gibbs Toyota Racing
  • Team Penske-Ford
  • Legacy Motor Club-Chevrolet
  • JTG Daughterty Racing – Chevrolet

Brad Keselowski pilots the event a Ford Mustang tribute to Ken Block, taking on the identity and colors of the famous and devilish American champion Ford Escort RS Cosworth, nicknamed “Cossie V2”

RFK pays tribute to Ken Block ©NASCAR

On the first day, six cars initially took to the track in the 2022 configuration to lay a good basis for comparison. With near terrestrial temperatures, it would not be possible to use the data collected during the finals on 6 November. The cars then changed the Arizona circuit during four sessions, alone or in the peloton, to evaluate some of the modifications to the flat bottom and rear damage.

These modifications are mainly aimed at improving the behavior of the cars during road races or on the oval of growth of 1 mile (1.609km) or less, which was a black show for the 2022 season. It was to reduce aerodynamic disturbances. in traffic and improve the ability to pass vehicles by reducing frontal power loss in the absorption phases. The new flatbed also includes some solutions developed by the Garage 56 Le Mans project test car and a redesign of the excavator.

Reworked tug with ‘Drag Down’ equipment © Bob Pockrass

A big novelty also appeared during this test, the exhaust control. The goal is not to silence the incredible V8, but to control their volume a little for two contested rounds, the fight at the Los Angeles Arena and the race in the city of Chicago. Rest assured, NASCAR is not losing its soul!

Officials are also working with teams to address the accumulation of tire debris under the vehicle and in the wheel arches, which caused several fires last season.

Legacy Motor Club Chevrolets decked out in gold © NASCAR

Finally, the two-day event will give seven-time returning Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson time to familiarize himself with the General Ajaye. Despite their record, singers Kimi Räikkönen and Mike Rockenfeller enjoyed similar moments ahead of their World Cup debut last year. The new owner of the Legacy Motor Club, who retired in 2020, will participate in a few rounds this season and is driving a car sporting the most impressive black and gold film for the event.