New components of Volvo construction vehicles

New components of Volvo construction vehicles

09-06-2022 | Written by Tim de Jong

Volvo comes with a number of features that make it easier to drive off-road. It is a vibrating feature, so you can quickly switch back and forth, the ‘hold’ feature, where you place the entire truck on the arm brake, as it were, with a travel controller that also operates at low speeds. Additionally, electronic printing devices interfere early on slippery surfaces.


Most interesting is the function that allows you to quickly switch between front and back. Every driver is at risk of getting stuck in his truck. With a quick ‘shake’ you can get yourself out of the land that is often so soft in our country.

Active Hold Control

Active Grip Control intervenes when the truck starts to slip. Many sensors allow multiple sensors to prevent slipping and keep you in control of your Volvo. This brand has greatly improved maritime control so that it can be enabled at speeds set at less than 4 miles per hour, or even 2 miles per hour, if fitted with optional gears. Another way to maintain control is the Terrain Brake, which stops the truck immediately and remains static after the driver applies the brakes.