New Dacia C-Neo this year?  Exciting news about the premiere, there will be LPG |

New Dacia C-Neo this year? Exciting news about the premiere, there will be LPG |

The new Dacia C-Neo will be presented earlier than we expected. Most importantly, there will be LPG and hybrid drives under the hood. This information was given by Patrice Lévy-Bencheton, vice president of the brand. When will we see the new car?

Dacia C-Neo is a large car that should be placed between the C and D segments. Patrice Lévy-Bencheton, vice president of the brand, confirmed that the new model will be presented before the Dacia Bigster, without revealing more details. However, this is an important note about the date – Bigster is scheduled to be released in late 2024.

Dacia C-Neo – image

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Compact sedan but crossover

Dacia C-Neo was designed as a compact sedan with a crossover appearance. High ground quality, plenty of space inside and hybrid, petrol and LPG drives – as well as a smooth and full hybrid – are the brand’s proposition for this car. In terms of price, it will probably be placed below the new Dacia Duster, although no certainty is known here yet.

Image of the C-Neo model

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Dacia C-Neo will compete with Corolla and Octavia

Why does Dacia need such a model? This is basically a desire to take customers of Skoda and Toyota brands. In the case of Skoda, the Octavia model is the target, while in the Japanese case, it is, of course, the Corolla. So far, Dacia has not had a car in its portfolio that can directly compete with these cars.

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Dacia C-Neo – premiere in the summer?

If the words of the vice president of the brand are confirmed, we will see the new Dacia in the summer of 2024, as it is difficult to assume that the PREMIERE would take place so close to the presentation of the largest model in the range, i.e. Dacia. Bigger.

The 2025 Dacia range

  • Dacia Spring 2
  • Dacia Sandero FL
  • Dacia Duster III
  • Dacia C-Neo
  • Dacia Bigster
  • Dacia Jogger FL

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