New Dacia models 2024-2027.  The brand will introduce as many as 5 cars within three years!  |

New Dacia models 2024-2027. The brand will introduce as many as 5 cars within three years! |

In the next three years, we will see 5 brand new Dacia cars in the showrooms. Many of them can turn out to be leaders in their classes and the brand will not leave LPG as the primary fuel. What will we see?

Dacia makes an offensive example. New cars will appear in the near future and, interestingly, not all of them are SUVs.

New 3rd generation Dacia Duster – 2024

The first show that we already have behind us about journalists – last year we were attracted by a new model in Portugal, more about it. you can read hereis the new 3rd generation of Dacia Duster. Orders in Poland will open in March, when the price list of this model will be officially announced. We expect a slight price adjustment with the new hybrid drives. However, there will be no diesel.

New Dacia Spring 2 – 2024

The new Dacia Spring 2 will also be presented this year – we should see it in showrooms in July-August. The car will have a revised interior, including a digital display in front of the driver, a new screen in the middle, a new multimedia system and better finishing materials. However, the specifications will not change, i.e. it will still be a 4-seater electric car with a trunk of 300 liters – but we will get a completely new exterior, a more powerful engine (65 HP) and a slightly larger battery. In detail we write about this style here.

New Dacia Bigster 2025

This is probably the most anticipated debut after Duster. The brand’s largest car, it offers a hybrid, including a new 1.8 hybrid engine, which will be available as a full hybrid with rechargeable hybrid PHEV. Five seats with a large trunk or the possibility of seven seats, a modern, powerful look, great off-road properties, dimensions on the border between groups C and D.

New Dacia C-Neo 2026

The new Dacia C-Neo will be a large, C/D class car for people who don’t really like SUVs. Here, competitive customers are targeted – Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia. We will see the car in 2026.

New Dacia Sandero 2027

In 2027, the new Dacia Sandero will join the model range. The Sandero and Stepway names will probably be separated at that time.

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