New Dacia Spring: “the lowest price on the market”, good, almost the same car units, V2L for the first time

New Dacia Spring: “the lowest price on the market”, good, almost the same car units, V2L for the first time

Dacia presented its only electric car. The new Dacia Spring has the same drive units as the previous version of the face, only the battery capacity has changed slightly. The manufacturer declares that the model “remains the cheapest electric car on the market”, so we can conclude that the car will cost more than PLN 110,000, for how much you can order Citroen e-C3. The last price we recorded for Dacia Spring was PLN 106,900.

New Dacia Spring: different inside and out, mostly unchanged under the chassis

Let’s start with the technical details: the car will be available with two engines to choose from, 33 kW/45 KM of 48 kW/65 hp. The first variant accelerates to 100 km/h in “less than 20 seconds”, the second requires 14 seconds. Battery capacity will reach 26,8 (~25) kWhpreviously it was a little more, 27.4 kWh, but such a small adjustment (-2.2%) cannot have any effect on the range, because it can be compensated by the movement inside the buffer or by better aerodynamics or the efficiency of the inverter/motors.

The column itself was not released, but we know that Dacia Spring (2024) weighs 984 kg.

DC up to 30 kW, V2L up to 3.7 kW

my car charger on board with a power of 7 kW (read: single phase), it may also have a charging port direct current (CCS2) and receive energy strongly up to 30 kW. The time to refill the battery from 20 to 80 percent will be 45 minutes. An important improvement is the ability to release energy (V2L) obtained thanks to the adapter inserted into the charge port. The maximum load is 16 A, up to 3.7 kW.

The new Dacia Spring will be available in variants truck (two seats) and in versions Important, Express yourself i Extreme. Important this basic solution has, among others, 7 inch meters, Power steering with its adjustment on one axis, 1 USB port, central locking, electric front windows and rear parking sensors. If we want to have it air conditionerwe need to import the version Express yourself. 10-inch central screen, wireless (!) Android Auto and Apple CarPlayElectric rear windows and power supply are available in the version Extreme.

The interior of the car was updated “to achieve a higher visual quality”, and the number of options to choose from was reduced. Some elements of the cabin are white (glovebox, inside the door pockets, counter counter), while the middle strip and air vents can be gray, brick red or khaki green depending on the equipment version (from the cheapest to the most expensive). The car uses YouClip mounts, which have already been seen on the new Duster. Dacia Spring (2024) trunk capacity for 308 liters18 liters more than in the previous facelift model.

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