New Volvo Car Design Studio in Shanghai strengthens Volvo’s global design network

New Volvo Car Design Studio in Shanghai strengthens Volvo’s global design network

Today Volvo Cars unveiled its new state-of-the-art Shanghai Design Studio. Based in one of Asia’s most vibrant and innovative cities, it expands Volvo’s global footprint by joining existing studios in Gothenburg and Camarillo.

Inside the studio Shanghai aims to become one of the largest design studios for international automotive brands in Asia. Like the design headquarters inside Gothenburg The Shanghai studio has all the necessary components to facilitate the entire design process – from concept to production.

Attractiveness enables the production of benchmarked with full-size models for interior, exterior, color and materials, as well as UX design. In addition to milling machines, 3D printers and workshops fully equipped to produce accurate designs more efficiently than ever before, designers in Shanghai also have a VR environment where they can explore designs in a virtual world.

“Our design team in Shanghai is an integral and integrated part of our global design network,” said Jeremy Offer, our head of global design. “The new facilities and the latest technologies help strengthen the collaboration between our three global design studios to continue to take Volvo Cars’ Scandinavian design excellence to the next level.”

With the opening of the Shanghai Design Studio, Volvo is also strengthening its strategic investment and long-term development in China, with its Research and Development center in Shanghai and factories in Chengdu, Daqing and Taizhou.

Architecture – Scandinavia meets Asia

The new Volvo design studio is a space that encourages innovation and inspires creative thinking. With large floor-to-ceiling windows, wide staircases and high ceilings, the two-story building offers a stylish workspace with plenty of open space.

Optimized for collaboration, the 5,500-square-foot studio can accommodate more than 100 designers and creative engineers. Workspaces are clean and simple to spark the kind of inspiration that can help push the boundaries in automotive design.

The interior is clean and bright with many design details and carefully selected materials that meet the high standards of Volvo Cars. At the center of all this is a large 1,000 square meter exhibition hall, which has excellent lighting and an outdoor garden.

Overall, the architecture of the new Volvo design studio is a perfect blend of our Scandinavian design heritage and East Asian influences.

Team – local expertise, global presence

Founded in 2010, Shanghai’s creative team consists of talents with strong expertise and diverse backgrounds. Energetic, passionate and creative, they are an integral part of our global design family. In addition, they regularly provide excellent creative designs for all projects. One of the first design projects that the team led was the Volvo EX90 Excellence. Unveiled in Shanghai last month, this compact and premium variant of Volvo’s flagship, the Volvo EX90, takes luxury to the next level. As the safest four-seater Volvo Cars ever, the Volvo EX90 Excellence allows you to travel with maximum efficiency and comfort.

“The quality of the Volvo EX90 is a great example of the rapidly growing capabilities and expertise of our design team in Shanghai,” says Sophie Li, our head of design for the Asia Pacific region. “With the goal of bringing high-quality Scandinavian design closer to our customers in Asia, our team draws inspiration from Scandinavian nature and Asian art to ensure that our products are attractive and appealing to consumers in these markets.”