News: Chery is not coming to Europe before 2020

News: Chery is not coming to Europe before 2020

Chery Amezidi XT

Like several other Chinese car manufacturers, Chery would love to go to Europe. Last year, the brand already showcased the SUV and hybrid car at the Frankfurt car show, but the launch of the Exceed XT is still a bit far-fetched.

Exceed TX looks promising. Chery’s new SUV should be the car that the brand will enter the European market. But it is not easy and that is why it takes time. When building a retailer network, when to get the public excited about brands and cars and when to adapt models to the needs of demanding Europeans.

A little more is known about when we can expect the first Chery in Europe. The brand’s CEO, Chen Anning, told a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said Chery will not set foot in Europe before 2020. The plan is still to start selling the SUV released in Frankfurt last year. This is on a new platform that meets the strict security requirements set by Europe. In addition, the new base is suitable for several vehicle types, including fully electric drives.

It is not yet known which European countries will follow, but it is clear that the brand will start in Germany. Chery will soon begin construction on a European development center near Frankfurt.