News: Citroen unveils new logo

News: Citroen unveils new logo

The new Citroën logo is a reinterpretation of the original logo used by founder André Citroën. The logo was inspired by the products of his first project, a metalworking company that produced bevel gear systems. The well-known ‘double chevrons’ on the logo and the reference to the bevel gears have been at the heart of Citroën’s identity ever since.


The new logo marks Citroen’s growth and will debut on the flagship family car concept model at the end of September. From mid-2023, the new logo will gradually appear on production models. The circular shape refers to the new direction of Citroën’s design language, where the logo becomes an instantly recognizable style element on all new Citroën models.

Along with the new logo, Citroën is also introducing a new corporate identity and a new slogan: ‘Nothing drives us like Citroën’.

Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën, says: “As we embark on what is probably the most exciting chapter in Citroën’s 103-year history, it’s time to opt for a modern and contemporary look. Our new brand identity is a beautiful sign of progress, figuratively guiding our customers towards new, bold. , forward-thinking cars, which challenge the established systems of the automotive industry, as well as on an emotional level by ensuring that the complete customer experience – especially when moving to electric mobility – is not only affordable, but also is fun and exciting, no matter what he wants and needs in terms of mobility. Our legacy of bold and revolutionary vehicles inspires us to take a different, more inclusive view of future mobility for families. And we believe that our past customers, our customers of the present and those of the future, you agree with us that nothing will leave us emotionally blown like a Citroen”.

New but familiar

Alexandre Revert, International Brand Architect at Citroën, says:
“When we want to define our vision of the future, it made sense for us to close the loop and return the model to the original logo used by André Citroën, which represented a deep promise of affordable and innovative mobility for everyone. transition to a more precise and the brand’s vision for our future models is a subtle but important development, embracing the precision of the technical, functional planning of André Citroën’s gears in contrast to the almost human-like roundness that defines the environment of the chevrons” .

An important goal was to introduce features inspired by brands outside the automotive industry, for example cosmetics and clothing brands. With this, Citroën wants to bring out the warm side of the brand, which is pleasant to see regardless of the environment. For example, the new identity has been carefully designed with a clean and simplified interface, so that customers can experience a sense of calm in their digital journey with Citroën, from the living room to the showroom.

Citroën has also taken special care in its design to ensure that the digital experience meets customer expectations in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics – including a ‘dark mode’ option – as well as the requirements required for online sales.

Additionally, a new animation language is being developed that will integrate the new identity across all digital touch points, both in the car via HMI screens and externally in the My Citroen app.

The new identity will also go beyond the digital environment with the use of a new logo on and across new Citroen models. All aspects of Citroën will be given the new brand identity, from marketing to documentation and signage at dealers and on company premises. The new sign is not only lighter, more efficient and energy-saving, but also chrome-free, making everything easier to process.

Laurent Barria, Head of Marketing and Communications at Citroen:
“By being faithful to our heritage but reinterpreting our identity in a modern way, we are showing everyone that while we remain true to our DNA, things will change dramatically at Citroën. We continue to look at things differently to find bold solutions that enable electric mobility. accessible to everyone, we are determined to prove that nothing and no one is as emotionally involved as Citroën, because we want to extend the well-being of the occupants inside the car outside the car and in every aspect of the car. to have a customer. It requires revolutionary thinking in everything we do – from the innovative cars we make to the integrated, responsible services we provide. It also requires us to communicate, communicate and persevere. And that’s exactly what we promise to do today”.

The new brand identity developed by Citroën’s design team also benefited from the expertise of Stellantis Design Studio, Stellantis’ global design firm that works for clients inside and outside the organization.