Nio is appealing the title dispute with Audi

Nio is appealing the title dispute with Audi

Nio is appealing the title dispute

Audi is suing the new Chinese

The legal dispute between Audi and Chinese newcomer Nio has been going on for a year. The reason: Audi is bothered by the names of the Chinese electric SUVs ES6, ES7 and ES8. After the court ruled in favor of Audi, Nio is now appealing.


Nio has christened its large electric SUV ES8.


Martin A BartholdiAutomated Editor and Mobility

The launch of the Chinese manufacturer Nio caused confusion in Europe last autumn. At the big launch event in October in Berlin the Chinese electric brand launched its best-selling SUV globally as the ES7 as the EL7. The German championship is responsible for a short-lived name change in Europe. Audi filed a lawsuit against the Nio in October 2021. Not only about the ES7 model, but also about the sister models ES6 and ES8. Audi sees naming rights for its S6 sports models, S7 and S8 to hurt That is why the luxury daughter of VW sued in the district court in Munich for injunctive relief, information claims and compensation claims.

Details of Nio

The trial took place in May last year. Among other things, Nio explained the logic behind the model names. E stands for emotion and not for electricity, as this is already the case for an electric brand like Nio. The S also stands for SUV, and the number indicates the size. P stands for performance in the EP9 super sports car and C for the SUV coupé in the EC7.