Nissan GT-R: Classics of today and tomorrow.  Used car tip!

Nissan GT-R: Classics of today and tomorrow. Used car tip!

Tack-tock-clack, this rattling of the six-speed dual-clutch transmission in the Nissan GT-R R35 I can never get out of my head. Especially in the first editions of the series, this mechanical process is always present in the central tunnel, as puristic as in motorsport.

At first glance, it’s not a great sports car. Lots of plastic and similar to other Nissan models.

Photo: Toni Bader

With a later facelift from 2017, the noise was reduced, more comfort, less sensation. The simple plastic on the doors, steering wheel and center console has also been replaced with more and more leather and Alcantara over the years.

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For me, however, it’s the simplicity of the model’s early years that makes the GT-R so appealing. The little guy, a $100,000 supercar from Nissan that sits alongside the Qashqai and Micra in some dealerships, but can really compete with the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. An interesting act of madness that goes to the account of the famous boss of Nissan-Renault Carlos Ghosn.

It always pushes the back of my head into the seat

The acceleration from a standing start is insane. Although we couldn’t recreate the factory specification of 2.8 seconds in any test, a good three seconds is still realistic for accelerating a nearly two-ton colossus like a roller coaster when it crashes. Always push the back of your head into the armrest, with the corners of your mouth pointing to the roof wall.

Nissan GT-R
Angular as a Japanese toy robot with a spoiler and four giant moaning bags. But quieter than the Hyundai i30 N series.

Photo: factory

The four-wheel drive provides plenty of traction, which the GT-R maintains even when cornering quickly, where it often operates in neutral at a slight understeer. Oversteering and drifting are not part of his natural nature, he is more of a competitive athlete than a fairground fighter. However, his damaged and angular appearance shows the exact opposite, which is why he is nicknamed “Godzilla”.

Godzilla is felt to be immortal, he has been working since 2007 and recently he was given another update for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. It is the fourth major update of the R35 model, among them there have always been many small changes and special models such as SpecV or T- spec.

357 kW (485 hp) at 6400 rpm

All-wheel drive, 6-speed dual clutch

The GT-R has not been produced in Germany since mid-2022, according to Nissan, due to noise emission regulations and declining customer demand. The GT-R with its standard exhaust system is quieter, louder and louder than the Hyundai i30 N. That changes very quickly with the aftermarket system, of which there are many – and most of them without a chance to be approved by TÜV .

Performance increases to more than 1000 hp are not uncommon

In any case, there are only a few GT-Rs that are on the road in their original form. Performance increases to more than 1000 hp are not uncommon. The standard output is enough for me, which is between 485 hp (model year 2007) and 600 hp (GT-R Nismo, from 2013), depending on the version.

Nissan GT-R Track Edition

Six cylinders have been assembled by the master (Takumi) for six hours and signed with a plaque.

Photo: Nissan

The twin-charged 3.8-liter V6 with 24 valves is a feast for the eyes and ears, the sound is very amplified and balanced in contrast to the gearbox, more string festival than techno and “tack-tack-clack” – but these differences do. Nissan GT-R for never forgetting me.