“Now is it possible to make a mistake in that area?”, Fonseca’s anger against the referee

“Now is it possible to make a mistake in that area?”, Fonseca’s anger against the referee

Lille lost the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals at Aston Villa this Thursday (2-1). After the match, Losc coach Paulo Fonseca felt that England’s first goal was covered by obvious mistakes.

Defeat and strong taste. Defeated 2-1 at Aston Villa in the first quarter-final of the Europa League Conference, this Thursday evening, Losc will have to get a goal back in the second leg in a week’s time (Thursday April 18 at 6:45 pm, at RMC Sports 1). But more than the results of this first round, it was the referee who angered Paulo Fonseca.

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The Lille coach considered that the first goal for the English, in the 13th minute from a corner, was covered by mistakes that allowed Watkins to be alone and open the scoring. “Now, is it possible to make a mistake within that area?” “It’s clear their first goal… The whole match is on set pieces, not blocks, it’s a foul. I want the referee to explain to me why it’s possible and impossible. I can accept that it’s difficult for the referee to see, but we have VAR.”

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In the mixed area, Lucas Chevalier shared his opinion: “I think in the first goal, there are clear obstacles, there are mistakes,” Lille’s goalkeeper said “It is also the Premier League, it is a dangerous team that comes quickly, it hits and we learn from it, it’s not the same level as Ligue 1.”

When asked about this, Villa manager Unai Emery refused to comment. “It was a difficult match, and we are ready to play 90 minutes again, he said calmly. Now we have to recover, analyze, prepare and appreciate the next 90 minutes.”