Opel Olympia from the fire museum attracts attention |  back corner

Opel Olympia from the fire museum attracts attention | back corner

HAAKSBERGEN/BORCULO – Haaksbergen comes out in force this Saturday with a huge parade and funeral pyres from a large area. It’s all about the almost 300 years of activity of the Haakbergen Fire Brigade.

The 1956 Opel Olympia from the Borculo fire brigade museum attracts attention. “Good stuff,” says the stranger with the camera. It’s Henk Snuverink from Enschede. He came to Haaksbergen especially for this parade. “Old fire engines like these are wonderful objects for detailed pictures.” Few visible memories remain of the early days. The manual tank fire service bike is the oldest fire service vehicle that is transported among them.

Interested parties walk around the indoor sprinkler truck and receive a brief explanation of how things work. Because it’s not an open day, volunteer firefighters are more than welcome and who knows. Rob Elsweier of the Haaksberg fire department is always surprised by how many people come to fire department events. “The fire service always does a great job and not just with kids. Adults find it fun too.”

After the procession, the vehicles line up around the church and citizens take the opportunity to see how they used to put out the fire. “It went very slowly,” assures volunteer Paul Gerrit Wentink of the Borculo fire brigade museum. “With these new things today, they’re faster on fire.”

Her colleague Gertie Voskamp lets the mother of two into the old Opel Olympia on the condition that she does not drive it. “Don’t think you can get him to talk,” she adds. Was it more difficult in the past to find such a vehicle to transport firefighters? “Not so. But I have the keys in my pocket.”