Passenger allegedly pulls gun during altercation on River Road, 2 arrested in St. George

Passenger allegedly pulls gun during altercation on River Road, 2 arrested in St. George

St. George, UT – A cacophonous display of street racing in a local parking garage has led to the apprehension of two individuals who were purportedly involved in a verbal altercation several days prior. According to police reports, what began as a mere exchange of words on River Road soon escalated into a more serious felony arrest after one of the suspects allegedly brandished a firearm.

The suspects, identified as Jay Arthur Garff, a 22-year-old resident of St. George, and 18-year-old Noah Bissegger from Pleasant Grove, were taken into custody late Monday night, following a report of street racing in a parking garage located on North Main Street.

Upon arrival, responding officers discovered a grey Subaru passenger car with a group of individuals skateboarding in close proximity. After a brief investigation, it was ascertained that the suspects, Garff and Bissegger, had been involved in an incident at a local hamburger restaurant on River Road the day prior.

According to witnesses, a verbal altercation involving two men, one of whom was driving a Subaru, had occurred at the restaurant, with the passenger allegedly brandishing a handgun during the argument. The suspect purportedly pointed the firearm at the parties involved, threatening to use it if they did not cease their provocations.

Upon questioning, Garff admitted to pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant in order to confront the other parties involved. He claimed that, as they approached his vehicle, he retrieved the handgun from the dashboard and placed it there for safekeeping. However, he stated that it was the passenger who had seized the weapon and aimed it at the other parties.

Subsequently, a search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of a single 9mm handgun. Both Garff and Bissegger were placed under arrest and taken to Purgatory Correctional Facility.

Bissegger faces multiple misdemeanor drug and paraphernalia charges, while Garff is being charged with a felony weapons violation, as well as misdemeanor charges of threat/use of weapon and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Following the filing of formal charges, bail was set at $3,000 for both defendants. While Garff was released on bond, Bissegger remains in custody, with both set to appear in 5th District Court on Friday.