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Allard Kalff and Radboud van Hoek - ELE Rally 2023

Allard Kalff and Radboud van Hoek – ELE Rally 2023

Last Thursday the ELE Conference was presented to journalists and sponsors. In this topic, the chairman of the ELE Rally Foundation called on everyone to register as a volunteer via . The organization is about to cancel the special stage of St. Oedenrode. This is because this experiment is not ‘covered’ by volunteers. This test is usually considered a competition enforcer and the cancellation of this test is a huge loss. So Radboud van Hoek makes a big appeal to everyone who can come and help.

Guest speakers

The delivery of this race was in the hands of driver Allard Kalff. He introduced various speakers, such as Superior Wim van Rennes and member of the Provincial Council Tom Meylink. Wim van Rennes appreciates the importance of cooperation between the various racing teams and/or rallies and Strijpse Kampen. In this way, the teams get better equipment, while the Ministry of Defense has access to the knowledge it has acquired. Tom Meylink, on the other hand, explained the importance of the region and changed the relationship in the CO2 debate. According to him, a major league football match is more polluting. This is due to the large number of visitors who come by car or bus and the number of matches per weekend. This compared to a few public competitions per year.

Retro meeting

Jan Harmsen of Euregio Autosport also speaks. He described the ELE Retro Rally. There are 15 participants in this race. This competition is based on frequency, but not to be confused with regular competition. In this competition, cars such as DAF, Autobianchi, Ford Volvo or Porsche will appear.


At the regular rally Ronald van Loon will appear in the Hyundai i20 R5. Joy everywhere when he announced that the car had an engine and that he was practicing the ‘Flinstone’ car. Then it was the turn of several drivers to express their expectations about this race.

A number of special vehicles can be of interest at the ELE Historic Rally. For example, Dakar driver Maurik van den Heuvel will enter a Ferrari 308 GTB. In addition, several Lancia HF Integrales have been registered, such as the Ford RS Cosworth and the Audi Quattro.


The race has 15 special stages. The first one will start on Friday evening at 7:43 PM. Around midnight, the first participant, after four special stages, is expected to return to the Parc Fermé. On Saturday morning at 11:05 am, the first contestant on the fifth special stage will leave after a one-hour service. At 22:32 the first participant is expected at the finish line in Son.

Text: Edwin Hengelman