Police stopped a locally made Citroen Xantia Cabrio

Police stopped a locally made Citroen Xantia Cabrio

(Motorsport-Total.com/Motor1) – Almost a year ago, in August of last year, we received some of the most surprising and amazing news we have ever published. We even like to laugh about it from time to time.

Homemade Citroen Xantia Cabrio


Our colleagues from the French version of Motor1.com had brought us a wonderful car that was owned by the police was stopped. And if you look at the picture, you can quickly imagine why …

It was a Citroën Xantia, but not just any Citroën Xantia, but a convertible! Short time. replaceable? It was not there from the factory. However. A true Flex-Picasso created this conversion. Of course, the owner did not have a valid driver’s license.

A different kind of chainsaw murder

The owner cut the roof himself as it was his dream to drive a convertible. The conversion was quick and easy (might as well have used a chainsaw) and he was ready to enjoy his car outside. We’d like to note: THIS is how expensive used Fords are Streetka and Peugeot 206CC not anymore…

But back to Xantia-Frankenstein: French troops from the police car of Châteauroux stopped him near Meunet-sur-Vatan on the A20 road to check if everything was alright.

As it turned out, the papers were conspicuous by their absence, so the car was locked up and taken off the road. We don’t know if this Xantia ended up in a junkyard, but it wouldn’t surprise us.

But aside from the interesting story, let’s look at the design gems of the car. For example the front with the Audi logo or the back with the BMW logo – things!

Citroen Classics in a nutshell:

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Fortunately, the Xantia Cabrio was never involved in an accident. That’s a good thing because, as expected, the car didn’t have any rollover protection, nor were there reinforcements to increase the stiffness of the collision. It was definitely dangerous on wheels. We prefer to look at pictures of the predecessor of the Xantia BX.