Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, Ionity and InnoDrive

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, Ionity and InnoDrive

The new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is my favorite compromise between SUV and passenger car. This class, perhaps introduced by the Audi Allroad, is interesting to me because it allows the same driving experience as a passenger car, that is, better handling, especially when cornering, more interior space and the ability to overcome various obstacles, including possibility. to ski on the lake for a picnic.

The peak. Nik. A picnic. A good word.

This article is from the iMagazine 5/2022 issue

Cross Turismo

So far, I have only had the opportunity to drive the Cross Turismo, Taycan “off-road”, on … the Silesia Ring race track. The art, equipped with Pirelli P7 Cinturato, clearly differed in grip from the “regular” Taycan Turbo S, on 21-inch rims dressed with low-quality Michelin, less track-but-more sporty.

This time, however, I spent many hours with the Cross Turismo, traveling around the city, the B snake and the highway. Here the roles are reversed and the Cross Turismo, tested in the more powerful Turbo S version, changes its face. Its slightly soft suspension, which made it difficult to take turns in Silesia, is understandable on the bumps of Polish streets and highways. Its increased ground clearance allows you to worry less about obstacles and other dangerous obstacles, present in the urban jungle.

As you can expect, the Cross Turismo turned out to be exciting and if I had to buy such a car, I would probably choose this model. The newest version of the Sport Turismo I still don’t know, that is, the Taycan with this wider trunk from the Cross Turismo.

Let me remind you that Taycan not only provides native support for Apple Music directly from the multimedia interface built into the dashboard, but has recently added support for Apple Podcasts.


For the first time I had the opportunity to experience the Porsche InnoDrive in road conditions. The system optimizes the behavior of the cruise control, gearbox and suggests speed based on additional road information such as topography, road type, turn severity. Thus, it improves the use of electrons from the battery. For example, if we are driving on the road and there is a speed limit in front of us that we do not know yet, the PID (Porsche InnoDrive) will put the car in early cruise mode to save fuel and hit the limit. . PID also helps us when driving in traffic with cruise control on, by monitoring the movements of other vehicles and by checking road signs.


Ionity’s fast charging stations, several of which have opened in Poland, can charge up to 350 kW. The Porsche Taycan is one of the few cars that comes close to this value, offering a maximum output of 270 kW. This allows electrons to be pumped into the “tank” very quickly. These are of course values ​​under ideal conditions with an almost empty battery.

When I arrived at the station at the Stryków junction on the A2, I still had 17% of the load, and shortly after connecting the screen showed a value of 241 kW at peak time. After crossing the 75% barrier, this value has dropped to 107 kW (which is quite normal, one of the reasons why it is better to keep the car battery in the range of 5-80%). The variety of meters available and the percentage of payment also began to grow faster than the 50 kW stations. I connected the car at 13:42-13:43 with 17% on board, and it was disconnected at 14:05 at 76%, which means that the battery needed 23 minutes to reach this level. This time, I was able to record a few shots of Ionita and go to a nearby gas station “for sikunda” and buy a cooling drink.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S in Cherry Metallic.

Ionity requires no registration or card. All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone and create an account in it. I needed an email, a password (which I had to confirm by clicking a link) and a first and last name. Finally, it was enough to add a payment method (you can just choose Apple Pay, then you don’t need to do anything else). The only secret lies in the fact that after driving to the payment station, first start the program, select the bar you want to use and do it. Only after these steps we connect the cable to the car, otherwise the program thinks that someone else has already taken the charger.

Here I had to calculate how much such pleasure, without registration, cost me, but in March Ionity gave free payment to everyone, in Poland, Sweden and Hungary. Sorry!

Cherry Metallic varnish close up.

Slow to the goal

Currently, Poland still has very few charging points for any type of electrician – fast and slow. This is gradually changing and having an electrician not only for the city, but also traveling across the country or more starts to make sense. Now the only thing that remains to be calculated is that the trend of the number of available channels will increase.

Keep your fingers crossed!