Porsche works council elections: the court does not see manipulation – the economy

Porsche works council elections: the court does not see manipulation – the economy

– There are a number of legal errors in the labor council elections. The previous election at Porsche was now an issue in court. A serious suspicion was cleared – but the issue is still not off the table.

According to the assessment of the Stuttgart labor court, there was no evidence of fraud in the election of the works council at Porsche. However, it remains to be clarified whether about 100 workers from Porsche’s gastronomy organization in the Leipzig region voted by mistake for the works council in Porsche Zuffenhausen, Ludwigsburg and Sachsenheim, said chief judge Michael Büchele at a hearing on Thursday. “That’s the only thing we need to clarify – besides we don’t see any reasons for conflict at all.” Another date is planned for the end of the year.

Several workers wanted to challenge the March vote in court. They found serious irregularities and argued, among other things, that the ballot boxes lacked seals and that the staff was notified too quickly. Büchele saw no evidence for these arguments.

Around 100 employees in Leipzig belong to Porsche Dienstleistungs GmbH, which is responsible for the canteens, among other things. In fact, the law requires on-site representation – with a distance of several hundred kilometers, service is not guaranteed, said Büchele. A separate works council was elected for the actual factory in Leipzig.

Because of such a constellation, Büchele had already declared the 2018 works council election at Daimler invalid. The process went through the courts for several years. Büchele suggested that the plaintiffs reconsider their application once the allegations of fraud have been removed. In general, no jealous person will have to make a labor council election with all its legal offences. “I would like the federal elections to be scrutinized very closely,” said Büchele.