price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

BYD has announced that its electric compact, the BYD Dolphin, will soon be available also in Italy. The car, which should be released from autumn 2023, presents itself as a valid alternative for those looking for a car. compact and ecological. The BYD Dolphin, along with the Seal large medium sedan, will join BYD’s range of electric vehicles already in Europe, including the Atto 3 medium SUV, Han sedan and Tang big SUV. With an expected price of around 35,000 euros, the BYD Dolphin is set to directly challenge the Volkswagen ID.3 in the electric car market.

Here he is data sheet from BYD Dolphin:

Data sheet
Number of locations 5
The trunk 345/1,310 liters
Power equipment electricity
CV/kW (output) 204/150
Price (from)

There BYD Dolphin is a car with well-organized dimensions, which respects the standard proportions of Section C. With a height of 4.3 meters approx1 width8 meters approx and the length of about 1.6 meters, the car offers enough space to accommodate up to 5 passengers easily. The distance between the axles of the car is 2,7 metherwhich ensures great stability on the road and excellent comfort. Finally, the trunk has a capacity ranging from 345 to 1,310 liters by folding the rear sofa.

Height 4.290 mm
Height 1,770 mm
Height 1,570 mm
Steps 2,700 mm

BYD Dolphin is one C-segment sedan with modern and elegant lines, which draw on the world of crossovers with its high driving position and Different land clearance. Balanced shapes and clean lines give the car an attractive and modest look, without overdoing it.

The side is characterized by deep ribs, which gives the car a touch of personality, although they don’t quite match the overall style. Dolphin is available in various colors including classic white, jet black and metallic gray. The L-shaped LED lights they are elegant and blend seamlessly with the front grille, creating a modern and elegant front end

The cockpit of BYD Dolphin gives spacious and comfortable environment for five passengers. The interior design is simple and linear, with a center console that houses the touchscreen to control the multimedia system. The screen can be positioned vertically or horizontally to suit the driver’s preferences. In front of the steering wheel, there is a small LCD panel that serves as an instrument. THE ergonomic chairs they are made with vegan leather uppers and provide maximum wearing comfort. The front ones are heated and have six-way electric adjustment for the driver and four-way for the passenger.

The rear seats can be split 60:40 and can be folded to increase the boot capacity. The car has many driver assistance systems, including cruise control andblind bell. In addition, the BYD Dolphin offers four driving modes – Sport, Normal, Economy and Snow – to adapt to all road conditions and meet the needs of drivers.

There BYD Dolphin is equipment and permanent magnet electric motor 204 hp and 290 Nm of torque, mounted on the front axle, capable of delivering high performance. In fact, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h only registers 7 seconds, while the maximum speed reaches 160 km / h.

Dolphin by BYD plant one 60 kWh Blade battery and lithium iron phosphate chemistry and Cell-to-Pack technology, which allows the announced freedom of 427 kilometers. The 8-in-1 vehicle power train, which integrates the control unit, battery management system, power supply unit, motor, motor controller, transmission, DC-DC and on-board charger, ensures More than that system efficiency of 89%. Regarding payment, Then, Dolphin can be charged with direct current (DC) up to 88 kW of power, and with alternating current (AC) for 11 kW. At the endThe heat pump system helps preserve the car’s range even at low temperatures.


  • Measurements: the car’s compactness strikes a balance between width and lightness.
  • Internal affairs: many and updated technology on board, in terms of infotainment and about Adas.
  • Efficiency: The declared range significantly exceeds 400 km, allowing you to drive without care every day.

Orders for the BYD Dolphin will open soon, possibly by summer 2023, with an estimated starting price of between 30,000 and 32,000 euros.