Raised and bent: Lower is now more on the BMW 3 Series

Raised and bent: Lower is now more on the BMW 3 Series

(aum/mue) – The 3 Series is the self-proclaimed heart of the BMW brand – an icon and symbol of sports and dynamics for 45 years now.

The design is eye-catching at the front: it looks wider thanks to the new kidney grille with two frames, large air intakes with a glossy black finish and flat curves of the standard LED headlights and daytime running lights with hook shape. .

The serious innovation, however, can be found in the interior: Here the cockpit is dominated by a curved display, which is used for the first time in the iX and is now gradually used in more and more BMW series (i4, 7). Series, 2 Series Coupé, X1). Beneath the curved, frameless glass surface that is slightly tilted towards the driver, the 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel and the 14.9-inch multimedia touchscreen are integrated into a single digital display panel. This creates a clean console that is operated with smartphone-like tapping, swiping and gesturing or in native language and significantly reduces the number of analog buttons and switches.

Many types of proven power packs

Almost nothing has been changed in the engine and drives. There are three plug-in hybrid models to choose from for the 3 Series Sedan and four plug-in hybrid models for the Touring. Four petrol and diesel engines each with four and six cylinders are also available, with two sporty performance models from M GmbH marking the top. So the performance spectrum goes from 150 hp (110 kW) to 374 hp (275 kW). xDrive all-wheel drive is standard equipment on top models; it can be optionally available with two petrol engines and two diesel engines, as well as plug-in hybrid technology.

Driving a BMW has always been something special. Especially when, as is the case now with the revised 3 Series, the basic equipment is added to selected levels from time to time. In addition to the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and Cockpit Plus including navigation system, a 3-zone automatic air conditioning system, parking aids or an auto-dimming interior mirror are now standard.

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