Record contract of Lewis Hamilton, the truth comes out

Record contract of Lewis Hamilton, the truth comes out

After Cristiano Ronaldo and his record contract of 200M€ per year, here are new rumors about a possible contract. We are leaving the world of football for Formula 1. The drivers are among the highest paid athletes on this planet and this is confirmed by the XXL contract that can sign Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes team.

Competition between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton goes beyond the scope of the circuit. They are used to fighting against each other, especially in 2021 with victory at the last Grand Prix of Max Verstappen, giving him his first world title, the financial aspect of their contract is also at the heart of their rivalry.

A 70M€ deal? It’s not!

At the end of the week, some media said so Lewis Hamilton he would demand a contract of 70M€ per year until 2025. An incredible amount, which would make him the highest paid driver in the world. Except that mercedes, through the voice of his spokesman, he denied this much: “ These are wild ideas, completely unfounded. Conversation between Lewis and Toto [Wolff] you haven’t started yet! These figures came out of nowhere and are just wind. “.

He contributed half of his salary to the party?

But on the contrary, some media reports something completely different. According to them, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, would ask for his salary to be cut in half, so that the other half would be given directly to his association, over ten years. This union, called Turn onaims to promote diversity in motorsports.

10 highest paid pilots in 2022:

1) Max Verstappen (Red Bull): $60M per year (€57.5M)
2) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): $55M per year (€52.7M)
3) Fernando Alonso (Alpine): $30M per year (€28.8M)
4) Sergio Perez (Red Bull): $26M per year (€24.9M)
5) Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): $23M per year (€22M)
6) Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin): $17M per year (€16.3M)
6) Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren): $17M per year (€16.3M)
8) carlos sainz (Ferrari): $15M per year (€14.4M)
9) Lando Norris (McLaren): $11M per year (€10.5M)
10) george russell (Mercedes): $10M per year (€9.6M)