Red Bull Erzbergrodeo: The main thing now for everyone / Enduro

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo: The main thing now for everyone / Enduro

The new route at Red Bull Erzbergrodeo: Carl’s Diner, a famous rock route with lots of minerals, moves up to the first third of the route and becomes a challenge for (almost) all participants.

Erzberg’s top expert, Karl Katoch has once again come up with a special treat for the 28th edition of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo in Erzberg, Styria: the “Carl’s Diner” section, so far one of the final highlights of the fierce enduro competition and. therefore Reserved only for a few professionals because most did not make it that far, it is listed first. Thought: “Finally more riders can spend time there,” motorcycle warrior Katoch smiled. You can guess how they will spend their time there: pushing, pulling, stumbling, panting, often cursing, some triumphantly. For many, the legendary field of scree with its huge, far away pieces of ore rock will be the end of the line, because in 2024 the same situation applies every year: the race ends on time after 4 hours of racing and. only a few riders will reach the finish line.

One of the co-lovers is local hero Michael Walkner. The Austrian GASGAS pilot strengthened his muscles especially during the winter: “For a tough enduro rider, I’m quite thin. Therefore, it was important to work on my higher strengths. I trained up to 70 kg during the winter. The extra muscles are especially noticeable when I have to pick up a motorcycle.” After all, we are talking about 110 kg and a full tank for two-stroke GASGAS.

Bayer Manuel Lettenbichler is also the favorite for 2024 in the mother of all tough enduro races. Heinz Kinigadner also sees that. The KTM legend highlights Mani’s riding qualities: “Whoever won all the World Championship races last year is the automatic favourite. He is very, very good to her. Hard Enduro is one of the very few types of motorsport in which the material plays a low role. And he writes a story: “We once lent Taddy Blazusiak a used bike and he won with it. Mani and Michael also ride motorcycles that anyone can buy. In Hard Enduro, the following applies: whoever trains the most and has the best riding technique will be ahead.

This direct loyalty to the sport, its fervor and its famous party attitude have made the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo an important event. More than 1,300 players will face the steel giant from May 30 to June 2, with tens of thousands of spectators – mostly under 30 – cheering. If you can’t get to Styria: News TV live broadcasts, the two commentators include moderator Andreas Gröbl and Heinz Kinigadner as expert.